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Workout Plans for Women at The Gym

workout plans for women at the gymA gym is a perfect place for those who want to burn excess body fat, build muscle and also learn about workout plans for women. It has a wide range of collection of dumbbells, treadmills, exercise bikes, and many other fitness equipment that you can try all of them one by one without having to buy it all. In addition, some gym also provides a fitness trainer for you and I think that it’s very helpful especially for beginners on how to practice correctly without causing injury to your body.

The story about testosterone.

A big, muscular body is a dream for most men, but not for women. Most women feel worried if their bodies would be muscular like men when they are often doing fitness exercises, such as lifting weights. Fortunately this is not the truth, because as we all know the body composition of men and women are fundamentally different. Where the number of testosterone hormone in men is far more than women, so that only men who would have a big, muscular body, while the women will get a smaller, toned body.

And what about women who join a bodybuilding championship, they generally have big, muscular bodies, like gorillas. One of the most reasonable answer for this is that the using of exogenous testosterone injections. Some of the effects derived from the use of this injection is that increasing the growth of muscle and bone density, but sometimes accompanied by the growth of mustache and beard.

Basically, workout plans for women and men are not different, but not for diet. Since women have more body fat and little muscle, then women need fewer calories intakes than men. One of the recommended breakfast for women is bananas and yogurt, because it has adequate protein and good fats.

Main categories of exercises

There are two main categories of exercises that we need to do, namely cardio exercises (help burn excess calories in the body) and weight training (shaping and toning the muscles). Combine these two exercises will give you satisfactory results.

There are two patterns of exercises that you can apply while in designing workout plans at the gym, include:

Pattern 1

Monday: Cardio Training, Weight Training

Tuesday: Cardio Training, Weight Training

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: Cardio Training, Weight Training

Friday: Cardio Training, Weight Training

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: OFF

Pattern 2

Monday: Cardio Training, Weight Training

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: Cardio Training, Weight Training

Thursday: OFF

Friday: Cardio Training, Weight Training

Saturday: Cardio Training, Weight Training

Sunday: OFF

Cardio Training.

Cardio exercises are greatly help to burn excess fat focuses on the body, improving the body metabolism and strengthen the heart muscle.

Some fitness machines you can use to do cardio exercises, among others:

1. Treadmill / Step machine

I am sure that you are very familiar with this one fitness machine; this machine gives you the sensation and benefits of running. Some treadmills are equipped with tracking function to show us how much and how long we go, even some of the latest models equipped with a heart rate monitoring. This of course helpful for you in getting the optimal exercise but not excessive.

2. Recumbent bike / Elliptical trainer

No exercise is more fun than cycling. Anyone both young and old will definitely love this exercise. It does not require you to learn special techniques and only gives very little impacts on the body compared to practicing on a treadmill. Nevertheless training with recumbent bike can provide satisfactory results in burning calories and so it is not weird if you have to queue up first in order to be able to use this wonderful fitness machine.

Weight Training.

The women should do weight training as men do, because it will help tighten the muscles and increase bone density. Some weights, such as dumbbells, pull-down machine can be a good option for you.

Related tips on workout plans for women at the gym

1. Warm up before begin your workout.

It is very useful to prepare your body for your next workout, so you can avoid injury while practicing. Although this sounds easy, but it’s really worthwhile to do.

2. Provide additional security for your goods.

Although you have a favorite gym facilities adequate security, it does not hurt to provide additional security for your belongings. Having a padlock for your locker or handbags can be an easy step.

3. Wash your hands when you’re done practicing

A crowded gym in general rarely cleaned, so try to always cleanse your hands using antiseptic after you’re done practicing. Bring your own towel is also an easy way to avoid bacteria and fungi.

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