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Withings Pulse Best Heart Rate Monitor For Women

A heart rate monitor is a good device for beginners or maybe experts to help them to find how hard they have worked to burn calories without exercise too hard and risking injury. Using a heart rate monitor, like the Withings Pulse is pretty simple, you just need to figure out the number that we want to reach.

Normally, it is about 50-85 percent of our maximum heart rate. Once we know our number, we just need to see the monitor and pick up or slow down the pace if needed. So, it is great tool to make sure we don’t go too hard or too easy while exercising.

Some models of the monitors even equipped with features to measure calories burned, track distance and speed, allows you to upload the data to a computer / smartphone and then get more detailed information about your body and exercises.

So, why you need to determine the best heart rate monitor for women, considering most people think that this gadget is not really necessary for every athlete, it only good for showing exercise results and do not be too useful if you already have a good workout routine.

However there are several things that make heart rate monitor best for women, among others:

1. A heart rate monitor will provide critical information about your body while you exercising, like heart-rate per minute. This is important data for those who want an effective exercise but not too excessive or those with medical disorders.

2. It can be a good measuring tool for your success in exercising. Many people just rely on their feelings in measuring the quality of what they have done. Unfortunately, this can be wrong except you are the experts. With the help of this little tool, the rest of us can be for sure if they already have enough exercise for a day or not and can also help you to be a good judge for someone else.

3. Help you stay motivated. The numbers displayed by the monitor can be a good trigger for us to exercise harder, particularly for heart rate that equipped tracking function to display your amount of footsteps, distance traveled and calories burned. It can be more exciting if we make a competition with friends or with our family members. Of course it can be a healthy, fun exercise.

4. It can make you look cool and sporty. Today many heart rate monitors are no longer using chest straps, but in the form of watches, things like flash disks. They even comes with many features, designs and colors to choose from. Moreover, they are small and very lightweight making it very easy for women to carry them anywhere. Some of them include Omron, Polar and Withings.

And then what can I expect from the Withings Pulse?

The Withings Pulse is one of the best heart rate monitor for women that able to measure your heart rate, monitoring your sleep quality and track your steps, distance, elevation and calories burned for 24/7.

This small device analyze your sleep, like how many times you woke up, how long it for you to fall asleep. For this purpose, the Withings Pulse provides you with a sleep wristband.

To help you understand more about the Withings Pulse, then you can watch the following short video:

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