Withings Home Blood Pressure Monitor

withingsDo you have a iPad or iPhone in your bag? Now you can use these devices to calculate your heart rate and blood pressure with Withings Blood Pressure Monitor. The Withings measures your pulse rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, graphs your tracking data and automatically store your blood pressure data just like a pro healthcare provider. You also can synchronize it with any iOS device. Just plug it to bring to you in-depth health data in one gesture.

Stay Well by Tracking Your Cardio Health

Getting consistent readings on pulse rate and BP is the necessary to keep abreast of your cardio health. The Withings monitor makes sure you always get up to date trends and can act accordingly. In addition, you can use the Withings app to send results to your doctor.

Simple and Comfortable for All Users

You can easily to take full advantage of all the Withings’s features. Once it connected, your iOS device will immediately recognize the monitor. You just need to make one touch to make it show instant readings and because it’s expressed in familiar terminology, you don’t have problem to recognize the information. The monitor designed for multi user, which the cuff can adjusts from 17 to 9 inches so your entire family can use it to track their BP, pulse and more.

More Health Information

With using the Withings you can get more than just readings. You can download the free Withings app to your iOS device and lets you generate graphs, calculated averages measurements, trends in your blood pressure and also let you access the Withings’s e-health and online services.

Connects Directly to Your ipod Touch, iPad or iPhone

You can easily use the Withings Blood Pressure Machine. Just connect it to your iOS device then it will show a variety of feature not available on any traditional monitor. The readings are easy for evaluation, reference and tracking. You also don’t need to memorize or write down the results because the device will automatically store it for you.

[AMAZONPRODUCTS ASIN=”B00H43WOAK”]Measure your blood pressure directly from iOs devices, such as iPod, iPad and iPhone. The Withings automatically graphs your tracking curves, calculate the averages and store your data. Just plug and play your device to take your blood pressure.

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