Withings Body Fat Percentage Calculator

withings wifi body scaleUsing Withings Wifi Body Scale, a body fat percentage calculator is a new style to monitor your body weight. This scale uses a Wi-Fi connection to sync your body fat readings, BMI, weight with your personal health dashboard. It’s easy to track your progress, see graphs and get motivation for yourself to maintain your ideal body weight.

Access Your Health Data on Your Smartphone or Online

The monitor is simple to use. Just step on the scale and it will automatically sync your body fat readings, BMI, weight with a personal health profile on your smartphone and also with Now with free Android, iPad, iPhone apps you can turn your smart phone into your personal fitness trainer, always get a relevant, rich view of your weight data, with no time limitation.

Stylish, Accurate Healthcare Tool

The Withings features four sensors to measure your fat mass and muscle mass precisely, supports a max user weight of 396 pounds and powered by four batteries (included). The design of this black (white also available)-and-steel scale makes it good looking and match to any décor. So this monitor is the ideal tool to monitor your fitness and health.

Scale Offers Creative Ways to Keep Fit

There many other advantages of Withings Wi-Fi body scale that you can take including:

  • Up to eight different users, so your entire family can use it
  • Generate and print graphs of your BMI, height, weight, growth for your medical records
  • Share your progress on your Twitter, Facebook account or your blog
  • Set your goals and then get a weekly progress report

Overall these features will greatly help you if you work with nutritionists or coaches because they can monitor your progress directly on their computer and allow you to evaluate your family’s diet or create your own sports program with any of many Withings partners.

Top Features:

  1. Personalized multi-user monitoring (up to 8 users)
  2. Graduation 0.2 lbs. (0.1 kg) – 4 sensors
  3. Maximum user weight 396 lbs. (180 kg)
  4. Integrated with over 40 e-fitness and e-health services such as Weightbot or Runkeeper
  5. Free Android, iPad and iPhone Applications to monitor your fat mass and weight
  6. Connects to the Internet to graph weight charts anytime from your web browser or mobile device

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