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best activity trackerWhat is a fitbit zip?

The Fitbit zip is a small activity tracker (1.1 x 1.4 x 0:38 inches) designed to track the amount of our steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and recent activity levels. It can also synchronize its data wirelessly to your tablets, smartphones, or computer. You are also allowed to set goals, see your progress in real time and share it with your friends. However there is one thing you have to remember that the Fitbit zip is not waterproof so you cannot use it while swimming or when it is raining. This product comes in 4 colors, namely lime, charcoal, magenta and blue.

Compared with some other Fitbit products, the Fitbit Zip looks simpler, easier to use and also is cheaper in price. I knew that the Zip is not the best activity tracker and one drawback of it is that not able to track sleep and number of stairs climbed. You can still find these kind of features in other Fitbit products, such as Fitbit One and Fitbit Ultra, although the price goes up 2-3 times for sure.

How to use fitbit zip?

The Fitbit Zip is used by inserted into pocket or clip it, unlike other products which is a wristband-style. Nevertheless, it still feels comfortable when worn and very easy to carry around.

The advantages of Fitbit Zip

  1. Run by a 3-volt lithium-ion battery that claimed to last up to 6 months
  2. As an activity tracker, it will record your activities, including the number of steps taken, total distance traveled and calories burned
  3. Have a smiley icon as an indicator of the level of your recent activities.
  4. Simply tap it to switch the screen
  5. Able to sync its data wirelessly via Bluetooth connection
  6. Track balance calories in vs. calories out via Fitbit app or website
  7. Export your personal data to Nike+, SparkPeople, Endomondo and Microsoft HealthVault for additional information

Disadvantages of Fitbit Zip:

  1. Lacks a back-light, making it useless in the dark
  2. Not able track the quality of sleep and the number of stairs climbed

The bottom line

If you you’re still curious about “what is a fitbit zip”. It is a pedometer and as a $59.95 pedometer makes it quite expensive for a simple tracking device, but not for a device that is capable to upload the data to a computer, gadget and websites without having you to pay extra fee.

As one of the best activity tracker, the Fitbit Zip will not make you feel disturbed in your activities or punching holes in your wallet. But if you are looking for something more than this, then you can looking for the Fitbit One or Ultra.

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