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Weight Loss Meal Plans for Vegetarians

meals-for-vegetarianBeing a vegetarian means having a higher chance to obtain health and ideal body. Do not eat meat means ensure yourself stay away from cholesterol, cancer and gout. Nevertheless it is still often found a vegetarian or someone who’s just starting out as a vegetarian made ​​a mistake in choosing foods. Not infrequently it then ended with significant weight gain. Being a vegetarian does not mean you can freely eat vegetables, milk, bread or whatever as much as you want. You still have to control your appetite to acquire a proportionate body shape.

Actually living as a vegetarian is quite easy and simple. But maintain this habit is a difficult task for most people, especially those who are always demanding practicality, speed and comfort in every way. There are some important points that I have gathered from several sources, and if you stick to it, then I am sure that you will enjoy your life as a vegetarian.

1. Keep it simple

Do not make a lot of rules or restrictions about foods. Any food if consumed excessively will definitely give a bad impact to health. You can simply create and follow a program that has recipes that the groceries are easily found in the market around your home and also easy to make.

2. Keep it cheap

Most fruit and vegetable prices in the market are much cheaper than the price of meat. Buy imported vegetables that generally more expensive does not guarantee that your dish will always taste good. Healthy foods do not always have to be expensive, unless you are rich.

3. Keep it healthy

You still have to make sure you consume healthy foods. Do not ruin your health program by eating junk foods, such as: burgers, fries, soda, cola, etc. Avoiding these foods and drinks are a great option for anyone who looking for health.

4. Add some exercise

By adding a regular exercise into your program will help you gain a significant weight loss. In addition you also will feel more energized in doing your daily activities.

Weight loss meal plans for vegetarians


Breakfast is an important thing in starting your daily activities, so be sure to take your breakfast. Did not take breakfast will leave you feeling cold, fatigue and dizzy. It also can trigger you to eat more at lunch.

Some examples of foods that you can choose for your breakfast, such as scrambled egg, skimmed milk, grilled tomatoes, wholemeal toast, oats, salad, juice, muesli, etc.


People generally prefer to have more complex foods for lunch. It is natural because our stomach is more ready to accept food during the day compared to the morning. However, it should be remembered that we should not eat too much during the day, especially foods rich in carbohydrates because it will cause you to feel sleepy.

Some of the foods that you can choose for lunch, such as: cottage cheese, wholemeal pitta bread, cannelini beans, lentil soup, hummus, etc.


Dinner is usually an option for some people and they tend to only eat fruit at night. But that does not mean you should not eat at all. At night it is recommended not to eat too much complex foods, because it can disturb you when you go to bed. Choose soft foods and avoid foods that are too spicy, sour and sweet as your dinner.

Some examples of foods to choose from, such as: creamy mushroom pasta, salad, cheese omelet, roasted vegetables, etc.

Those are some weight loss meal plans for vegetarians that I can share with you. I am not a health professional and perhaps this information is not helpful to you, but I hope it can still help you somehow.

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