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Weight Lifting For Weight Loss

weight lifting for weight lossMany people wonder whether they can lose weight if you do weight lifting. This is an interesting question, considering that there are many serious debate about “weight lifting for weight loss”. But one thing I know for sure that we will only lose weight (in the form of fat) if we have body fat and will gain weight (in form of muscle) if we have a lean body. Someone even claims that fat people just need to do weight lifting for weight loss, and do not need cardio exercise.

The weight lifting exercise boosts the metabolic rate better than cardio training. I know that cardio is easier to do but the effect only apply for short time, but with doing a weight-lifting session you not only increase the metabolism rate but also greatly improve the amount of lean muscles.

Weight training also helps you lose body fat, change your body composition, thus giving the impression that your appearance has changed completely. This happens because the composition of fat to muscle has changed, with more muscle than fat.

Frequently asked questions about weight lifting for weight loss.

1. How many calories burned lifting weights?

300 calories/hour if you’re really training hard for it.

2. How often should I lift weights?

3-4 times a week

3. Does weight lifting stunt your growth?

No, weight lifting does not stunt your growth.

4. What are the benefits of weight training?

Relieve stress, increased stamina, burn body fat, improve muscular endurance and increased Strength

5. Does lifting weights make you shorter?

No, it just makes your muscles grow and you will look skinner.

At last, try to apply these following simple tips while you undergo a weight-lifting-for-weight-loss program to help you boost the progress.

1. Drink a lot of water. Our body mainly compose of water and will required water for the metabolism, so drink a lot of water will help smooth the process and then your body can burn calories better.

2. Drink some protein shakes after workouts and before meals. It will greatly help restore your stamina and maintain your energy or simply you will not feel hungry fast.

3. Reduce consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates.

4. Do not forget to add fruits and green vegetables into your daily diet.

5. Avoid fast food, sodas and sugary drinks.

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