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Waterfi Best Underwater Mp3 Player

The Waterproof Waterfi Shuffle is the best Mp3 player in my opinion, you can use it while running, exercising and swimming. With Waterfi you can listen to your favorite music in the gym, ocean, pool, rain, snow and as your daily Mp3 player. The device is quite popular among swimmers because it’s reliable, long lasting and the most tested waterproof Mp3 Player available.

Easily Play the Music

This underwater music player has an advanced feature called VoiceOver. This feature helps you searching the song you are want to play efficiently and quickly by speaking the names of playlists, artists and songs. It makes you much easier to use the Mp3 player. You also allowed syncing the device with iTunes to load music or creating playlists. The Waterfi is compatible with PC and Mac.

100% Waterproof

This Waterfi is 100% waterproof down to 100 feet but it works and looks just like a normal iPod shuffle.

Easy to Use

To use the shuffle you need play the song that you want to hear and then clip the Mp3 player on the back of your swimming goggle without worry have to drag it. If you want to hear the music while diving, you just need to plug it to any waterproof headphones. You also can use Apple headphones for near water use.

Please keep in your mind, this is the Waterfi shuffle only. If you want to use it for diving or swimming then you must looking for Waterfi Swim Kit or any mounting straps and waterproof headphones.

The Waterfi Specifications:

  1. Batteries lifetime: 15 hours
  2. Memory: 2 GB for store over 500 songs
  3. Usage: Snow sports, water sports, exercising, swimming or in wet weather.
  4. Waterproof: Yes, down to 100 feet
  5. Warranty: 1 year
  6. Colors: Silver (default), orange, green, pink and blue
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