Water pik Water Flosser the Oral Irrigator

water-pik-teeth-cleaningThe importance of teeth cleaning and dental check-up

Regular teeth cleaning and dental check-up are important to make sure your gums and teeth healthy. I know like many of us, you always brush your teeth regularly in pursuit of white smile. With so many teeth whitening toothpastes are available in stores, this will not be a problem for you.

However, despite how hard or diligently you brush your teeth, some parts can’t be reached by your tooth brush. The spaces between your gums and teeth are impossible parts to be clean and required a special tool to clean it, which you can find at clinics.

Professional teeth cleaning, sometimes also referred as prophylaxis, is designed to remove any plaque and excess scale (calcium deposits) from your teeth, leaving them polished, clean and smooth.

Several reasons why you must have your teeth professionally cleaned are:

1. Maintain oral health

Regular dental visits allow you to compare your newest results with the previous ones. Any signs of problems with your gums and teeth can be detected early and then put yourself back on the right track.

2. Have a healthy smile

Regular dental cleanings will help you feel more confident in your society and your career.

3. Prevent gum disease

One of the major causes of bone loss is infection of tissues surrounding your teeth or gum disease.

What is a water flosser?

A water flosser is a device that shoots streams of water at your teeth. It completely removes food particles from your mouth and a possibility of gum disease and bleeding. Despite its great features, it is not a substitute for brushing.

Why do you need teeth flossing?

Unlike brushing, water pik water flosser can reach spaces between teeth, where a toothbrush can’t reach them and prevent conditions like periodontal disease, gingivitis and tooth decay.

How to use a waterpik water flosser?

  1. Fill the reservoir with warm water and then place it on the base
  2. Pick up a tip and press firmly into the handle
  3. Place the tip in mouth and lean over the sink
  4. Turn unit on and begin clean your teeth
  5. When finished, turn off the unit and press the eject button to remove the tip

Watch the video below for more details.

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