Vertigo helpful tips

Vertigo Help Tips. 5 Useful Tips for Dealing with Vertigo

In this good moment, allow me to share some of the vertigo self-help tips that I collected from several sources on the internet.

As a sufferer of vertigo, you must have tried many things to deal with vertigo or dizziness that you often feel.

One well-known method for treating vertigo is BPPV. It’s a kind of physical exercise to restore balance in your head. Relax! The movement is quite easy and you do it while lying in bed.

The exercise will not make you suffer more. I guarantee it!

If you don’t know about BPPV and want to know more about this healing method, you can get the full guide here.

You can also consume some traditional herbs to cure your vertigo. In addition to the economical price, it is free of chemicals so that it is safer to consume and its efficacy should not be doubted.

You can get the full list here.

The more often vertigo arises, the more things you try. However, the more it fails, the more worried you become.

What I mean from the quote above is that sometimes we need to see this problem from a different perspective.


Vertigo is a symptom of a real disease. It can be described as the tip of an iceberg which rise to the sea surface. If you focus on curing the original disease, then vertigo will disappear by itself.

Then what is meant by the original disease???

Real disease is a bad lifestyle. I don’t need to explain it here. Because in this article I focus on how to improve your lifestyle related to vertigo.

The exception here is if you have a fairly extreme routines. Like boxing, where sometimes you take a hit hard enough on your head. And that might be the cause of your vertigo.

Or diving. The water pressure in the deep sea can damage the balance in the ear.

If you don’t have a lifestyle or routine that is quite extreme like the example above, then my article suits you.


Vertigo self-help tips

  1. Change your favorite drink into pure water.

Some drinks that are rich in caffeine, alcohol and sugar have a reasonable limit on the amount of consumption in one day around 1-2 cups.

Too often drinking this kind of drink can cause various health problems if you are not aware. Some examples are high blood pressure, obesity, kidney failure, and vertigo.

How is that possible?

The vertigo that you feel right now is probably due to an imbalance of fluid in your ear. Most consumption of drinks rich in sugar, alcohol and caffeine are the causes.

So, if in recent days you often drink coffee, tea or beer then replace it with pure water and abstain from the drink for the next few days.

Monitor and see the results. Your condition should improve.


  1. Stop or reduce eating sugary and salty foods.

Similar to the first tip, you should stop eating sugary and salty foods. I don’t mean you can only eat bland food.

But avoid eating too often foods that are high in sugar and salt such as pickles, sweets, cheese, cakes, etc.

The reason?

Too often eating this kind of food for the long term can disrupt the fluid balance in the ear. Then cause the vertigo you are suffering from.. This disorder is better known as Ménière’s disease.

Not to mention a variety of other diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes that may arise because of your poor diet.

If one of your pleasures is eating salty foods like pickles and sometimes it’s accompanied by dizziness on the same day, then it’s time for you to reduce the amount of consumption.


  1. Beware of foods rich in tyramine

Foods that rich in amino acid tyramine can trigger migraine associated vertigo or vestibular migraine.

The simple explanation is that your body does not have enough amounts of an enzyme called monoamine oxidase (MAO) to digest tyramine from the food you consume.

The effect is that you will feel dizzy because of the excess amount of tyramine in the body.

Some foods that are rich in tyramine that you should be aware of include: nuts, bananas, chocolate, yogurt, smoked fish, cheese, etc.

One thing you need to know is that the longer these foods are stored, the more content of tyramine in them.


  1. Manage your stress

When you feel dizzy because of vertigo, it might happen when you are stressed. Either stress due to pressure in work or excessive thinking.

The terrible thing about being stressed is decreasing the body’s vitality. When you are sick, stress can worsen your condition.

Treating stress properly is the best way for you to stay healthy and live long.

Getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and regular exercise are some sure ways to keep you from stress. Listening to soft music and taking a deep breath can help when you are feeling stressed.


  1. Meet your daily drinking needs

This may sound trivial and boring. However, in some cases dehydration can be a trigger for vertigo.

The water you drink plays an important role in removing excess substances from your body such as salt and caffeine.

As I explained at the previous point that drinking too much caffeine-rich drinks like coffee or tea can make you dizzy.

Especially if you don’t drink enough water, it can lead to more serious conditions.

It is recommended to drink around 8 to 12 glasses a day. Have you drank enough water today?

Need more tips!

You can watch a video from Dr. Josh Axe below about How to get rid of Vertigo Naturally.

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