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Using Heart Rate Monitor for Weight Loss

heart rate monitor for weight lossA heart rate monitor is a device that measures and displays the value of heartbeats per minute. You will not only find large heartbeat monitors as you often find in the hospital; it also shaped like a regular wristwatch worn on your wrist, with almost the same capabilities. By using the monitor, you can increase your effectiveness and success in weight loss and fitness program.


The benefits of using a heart rate monitor, including:

1. Train at our own ideal pace

2. Exercise becomes more efficient and effective

3. Achieve our goals safer and faster

4. Monitor our fitness level

In short, the monitors work as a personal trainer to evaluate the training results, showing our progress, with the only difference is that it always comes with us whenever and wherever we need it.

To use the monitor is easy; you just need to wear straps on your chest, more precisely if placed near the bottom of rib cage. The strap work sends signals to the receiving device. Using straps for women is more difficult, so we advise you to look for some sports bras to accommodate this strap for your comfort. Using a wrist monitor is much easier and enjoyable. This tool is generally shaped like a regular wristwatch, but is equipped with a stopwatch and a heart beating zone alarm, which works to tell us if our heart rate is outside the defined limits.

Tips on using heart rate monitor for weight loss

Using the monitor is very helpful for evaluating our success in burning fat, without doing exercises too hard or too easy for our body.

To obtain the maximum results, it is advisable to practice in the zone of ​​heart rate around 60/70% of our maximum heart rate. If you are not healthy or a newbie you to target about 50-60% of your max heart rate. To maintain your health and fitness, do workout for up to 1 hour for 3/5 days with a determined targeted heart rate.

You can add your training time in order to get the desired results, but try to keep take some breaks so your body can obtain sufficient rest to recover stamina. Do not forget to consult with your personal doctor or your trainer before doing an exercise extreme untested training.

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