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Understanding How to Lose Weight without Exercise Quickly

lose weight without exerciseThere are many people who want to know how to lose weight without exercise. Maybe it sounds impossible for most people and maybe you are one of them. Luckily I am here to convince you that it certainly can be done, if you know whatever you have to do.

1. Watch your diet

If you want to lose weight without exercise, then you should learn about the foods that are good for the body and not. Foods that are rich in fat and sugar, such as burgers and fries are some examples of bad foods for your diet program. But bread made with wheat and oatmeal are foods that contain a lot of fiber and of course it will be good for our health.

However, there is a lot of the advice out there is wrong.

Drink milk or products made from milk is not as healthy as you might think. No other creatures in the world drinking milk of other animals, other than humans (even it’s done until their old age). We’re all a little tolerant to lactose (a compound in milk) and there are even people who have more tolerance than others. One thing for you, if you really want to lose weight without exercise, then try to reduce drinking milk or eating products made of milk every day, because our bodies reject it.

Secondly, apparently consuming too much fruit is a mistake. Fruit contains a substance known as fructose. It is the main sugar in fruit that can turn into fat in the metabolic process easily. Indeed I’ve never heard the news that one becomes obese due mostly ate fruit, but it can affect your blood sugar levels if you suffer from certain diseases such as diabetes.

Then you also have to stay away from starchy foods. These foods are rich in gluten, which can cause a number of disorders such as acne to bloated stomach. Some sources even say that there is almost no nutritional value from starchy foods. We only get fiber and energy from the digestion process.

So, what should I eat then

In general, a good diet consisting of lean meats, vegetables and nuts. These foods have a high nutrient but low in calories and will help you stay in shape.

Some foods such as green vegetables, beans, sesame seed and olive oils, and nuts are natural fat-burning foods. Try to add some of these foods in your daily menu. But do not eat in large portions because it is not designed to be that way.

Another method that you can follow is the calorie switching. It is a new method that I know exist and may be useful to you. The principle of the “calorie switching” is to eat different food sources like fats, carbohydrates, proteins alternately and at different times. The goal is to increase the body’s metabolism and burn fat.

2. Avoid stress

Once you know what foods you should pay attention, then you should pay attention to the mental condition of you. Simply put, avoid stress. Stress has a strong relationship with various diseases, such as: cancer, heart disease, obesity and many others.

3. Get enough sleep

Sleep is an important part of all living beings, without it we cannot do all the activities on the next day well. One result of the lack of sleep is a disruption in the body’s metabolism to burn fat. The only way to fix it is by going to sleep, at least 7-8 hours overnight. It may sound trivial to most people, but let me remind you if you still want to lose weight without exercise then do not ignore this simple task.

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