Trekdesk Standing Treadmill Desk

standing deskAre you too busy with your work so you do not have time to work out and finally have problems with your body weight?

I introduce to you Trekdesk treadmill desk, which will help you to walk slowly on a treadmill while doing your daily jobs like checking email, making a proposal, talk to your customers and others. This standing desk designed to attach to almost any existing treadmill and to keep you productive throughout the day.

The standing desk was originally built for offices, some of its features include:

  1. 2 utility holders
  2. A top stand that holds your cell phone, headset or telephone
  3. Accessory slots to keep accessories on the desktop
  4. A file folder with 3 levels
  5. A manuscript holder that keeps magazines and books upright
  6. A generous workspace that measures 34 inches by 72 inches (W x L)

The stand up desk’s center is cut out to keeps all accessories and treadmill control easily to reach, while positioning your body close enough to use a mouse or type on laptop. This standing desk can also be folded and it’s sturdy when attached. It’s built with a premium coated steel frame, robust steel base and 2 height-adjustable support legs.

Using this desk continuously either at home or in office will give a lot of benefits to you, not only beneficial to improve physical health, disease prevention and weight loss but it also increases the blood flow to brain, improves your memory, decrease your stress level, improves your mood and especially increases your productivity. In short, the Trekdesk treadmill desk can help to improve your mental and physical at the same time.

Other feature include a scuff-resistant work surface, robust metal support arm for added durability and strength, a height adjustment console and beveled edges for appearance and comfort.

The standing treadmill specifications:

  • Desk Dimension: 74 x 34 inches
  • Item Weight: 58 pounds
  • Height Adjustable: 46.5 to 56.5 inches
  • Warranty: Two years
  • Compatibility: Works with most treadmills
  • Folds for easy storage

The Good sides:

  • Construction of this standing desk is solid, although the price is cheaper than the competitors but the quality remains the number one.
  • It has a video tutorial for assembling.
  • The treadmill desk size is large enough, a lot of room left over after put a laptop or a monitor with keyboard and mouse.
  • The best news is that most users feel the benefits. Average they said they were more energized and excited after worked with the help of this desk compared to sit on a chair.

The Bad side:

  • There is an absolute difference between a chair and a treadmill. You could not work for long hours on the treadmill and a treadmill is not designed to replace your seat.

[AMAZONPRODUCTS ASIN=”B002IYRBI0″]TrekDesk treadmill desk is a great tool to help you make some walks slowly while reading your email, typing an article or talking to your customer. Designed to be compatible to most treadmills, and already includes such desktop accessories as cup holders, accessory slots, and a manuscript holder.

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