trampoline exercises to lose weight

Trampoline Exercises to Lose Weight

trampoline exercises to lose weightA trampoline certainly offer a convenient and fun way to lose weight. If you love to do jumping jacks or jumping-rope exercise, then you will love trampoline exercises too. Trampoline exercises are low-impact aerobic exercise, so it won’t hurt your feet like running or jogging did.

In order to lose weight, you need to burn a certain amount of calories daily. For example: a man with weight around 180-pounds need to do a 60-minute trampoline jumping exercise to burn about 286 calories to lose weight. You can do it easily by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI). Basically, you need to do trampoline exercises for 20 minutes in the morning before breakfast to lose weight. You can also do it several time a day, but try to avoid to exercise longer than 1 hour per session.

Basic Trampoline Exercise

Stand in the middle of your mini-trampoline. Bend you knees and start jumping and bouncing for 20 minutes. You can also move your hands up and down, or do some punching moves.

Move the mini-trampoline close to a wall and use it to help maintain your balance. This simple trampoline exercise is good for a beginner to strengthen the muscle and improve the sense of balance.

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Jog / Run / Walk on a Trampoline

If you are a fond of jogging, then you can to do it too on a trampoline. It will give you a good experience. Believe me! You may need a mini-trampoline with bar / handle to prevent you from falling. The bounce surface will serve as a cushion, so you can run / walk with more comfort. It is also burn more calories.

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Jumping Jack on a Trampoline

Jumping jack on a trampoline will give you a total-body exercise. The exercise will make you sweating a lot and your heart beating fast. So it is very good exercise for someone who want to look great.

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