Trampoline Exercise Benefits

There are so many benefits of trampoline exercise

trampoline-exercise-benefitsWe would agree if exercising is a sure way to maintain fitness and balance of body weight. However, not everyone can exercise regularly. Moreover, for those who are always busy with their daily work or those who are too lazy for it.

Try to observe small children around you. You’ll probably find them jumping and running around all day long. Although looking tired, they are very happy to continue to do so. That would be a hard thing to keep them quiet 🙂

One of the methods you can do to re-feel the joyful sensation again is by jumping using a trampoline.

I believe the trampoline exercise will be fun and not boring. If you do not have a trampoline at home, then you can try visiting trampoline parks around your residence.


Some of the benefits of trampoline exercise.

1. A fun cardio exercise.

fun-trampoline-exerciseCardio exercises, such as running are the main exercises for those who want to lose weight or just want to reduce waist size.

If you often feel bored or lazy for it, then you can try jumping on a trampoline.

According to the results of research from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), you just need to jump and bounce on a trampoline for less than 20 minutes to get as good health benefits as running.

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2. Strengthens bone and prevents osteoporosis.

strong-boneExercise trampoline is very useful to strengthen your bones. This exercise is applied to the astronauts who returned to Earth from outer space stations to restore their bone density.

Besides them, this exercise can also be done by the elders but must be done with caution.

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3. Helps remove toxins from the body / detoxification.

healthy bodyExercise trampoline like other sports can also increase lymphatic flow in the body. The jumping and bouncing movement is what activates the lymphatic system to work. Unlike cardio systems that depend on the heart pump.

Moreover, rebounding is a movement that affects the entire body, so it is very effective to increase the lymph flow.

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4. Boost the immune system.

immune-system-illustrationDue to detoxification systems derived from both lymphatic and cardiovascular flows work well. Then your body will be more immune to various diseases, infections, bacteria and viruses.

Obviously, that’s why athletes rarely get sick and why doctors always remind us of the importance of exercise.

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5. Low impact exercise.

low-impact-exerciseIf you ask what is the difference between rebounding with jogging and running.

Rebounding is a low impact exercises, while jogging and running are not.

If you do jogging or running for a long time, usually your feet will feel pain for the next few days. Especially for those who rarely do it.

Another case with rebounding. You will not feel any pain in your body parts after you exercise for a long time, unless you bounce out of the mat 🙂


That’s some of the trampoline exercise benefits you can get. Do not forget to exercise regularly and have a nice day.



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