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Top Weight Loss Exercise Programs for Men

weight loss exercise programs for menThere are several weight loss exercise programs for men, not just weight training. Although it is one of the most popular fitness programs, but do not forget that you also need other exercises that are beneficial for your heart and lungs. Actually, the suitable exercise for you who want to lose weight is cardio exercise; it burn calories as well as build muscle.

Here are some fun cardio exercises to do and of course, they are very suitable for men.

1. Team Sports

This is the most fun and effective way in losing weight. Some examples of sports that you can follow are football, basketball, and baseball. All these games require you to run continuously, move and react fact, so in no time you will burn many calories. However, since these are a fun competition, you will not realize if you have been running for a long time. I am sure that the games can make you do over you current body limits.

2. Biking

It is also a fun way to burn fat, build muscle, as well as relieve stress. Who does not love cycling; I am sure that almost everyone loved it. It is proven to increase your body’s level of fitness if performed regularly, but only put little stress on the body (except for those who never cycled for a long time). Biking for 1 hour can burn approximately 500-800 calories.

3. Running / Jogging

Spend your time in the morning with running / jogging is the right way to lose weight and eliminate several inches from your waist. Running is also very useful to build muscle, especially the lower body.

4. Swimming

Swimming is another weight loss exercise program for men. The advantages compared to the other exercises that you can gain, such as it is not going to put too much stress on your joints, or simply you can swimming every day, without worrying about suffering from a major risk for injury. The water also provides natural resistance to help you boost your workout results.

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