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Tips on How to Running to Lose Weight for Beginners

running to lose weightIf you are among those who have problems in losing weight, then you can try to perform running to lose weight, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Running is the right choice for burning fat, removes a few inches from your waist and strengthens your body muscles.

There are a few things that you should consider before you undergo this program. Perhaps this information is already out of date, but I think it’s still valuable to share, especially for the beginners in running.

1. Wear comfortable shoes

Comfortable running shoes should have enough cushioning and not too tight when worn. The benefits include: reduce the impact when you step on the ground, reducing the risk of injuries, and of course make your workout be even more enjoyable.

2. Walks as the warm-up exercise

Do not be too hasty in starting your workout, because it’s just going to waste your stamina and can lead to serious injuries to your body. I’m sure that you all already know about the importance of warming up before performing exercise. Walks followed by running slowly are the way I often do in my workout routine. Maybe you also have your own method, but it is still recommended to start by walking.

3. Just do it regularly

Running10 km once a month does not bring benefits to lose weight. It’s better if you only run 2 km but you done it every day. If you are a beginner, then determine how far you must achieve in your first month, and try to exceed the record in the next month. I understand that not everyone has a plenty of time to exercise, but I think running in the morning is the best time, because you still have enough time to prepare your day, the environment is still pretty calm and it also pretty good for improving your mood in starting your activities. And if you still cannot make it, maybe buy a treadmill is a good choice to solve your problem.

4. Vary your routine

Once your body is getting used to your running program, then this is the right time to vary your workout. The benefits including: improve your muscle mass, burn more calories, avoiding plateau and boredom. Some examples of variations that you can do such as: use a weight on your feet, do sprints and run alternately, perform hill running, etc. You can also increase the intensity of your workout or add more time for the workout.

5. Eat healthy foods and drink enough

After finishing the hard workout, then the next step is that you have to eat healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, eggs, milk, etc. to restore your stamina and physical condition, but avoid any junk food and soft drink as your meals. The key of this program that is burn more calories and less consume, so too much eat and snack will deliver bad effects on your workout program.

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