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The Top 10 Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight Fast

best foods to eat to lose weightOne of the crucial things that you must pay attention to losing weight is your daily diet, besides your workout habits. The foods must be rich in nutrients, but also very low in calories. That is a very basic rule that you need to obey in choosing foods. Maybe now you become curious, and confused as well on what foods included in that category.  From so many of foods available on earth, there are 10 best foods to eat to lose weight that I managed to list, includes:

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a good breakfast, because in addition to easy to prepare, it also helps control your appetite, removing body fat and provide more energy for your daily activities. Although there are some people do not like the taste. Consume oatmeal about 2 hours before exercise, will provide you more energy to work out longer, burn more calories and lose weight faster.

2. Honey

Honey is the best natural sweetener that has many benefits for the body. Known to contain antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, so that it can improve the strength and vitality of our bodies. In addition honey also improve blood sugar control and reduce body fat and weight.

3. Spinach

Spinach is my favorite vegetable, I hope you like it as well. Spinach is rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins for our body but still low in calories. In addition to having ideal weight, I am pretty sure if you also want to have a healthy body, so do not forget to add spinach in your daily diet.

4. Skinless Chicken

Skinless chicken or other lean meats are very good for those who really want to lose weight and build more muscles. It is very rich in protein, but still low in fat and calories compared to red meat. The skin does feel good, but actually it’s the place where saturated fats accumulate in chicken meat, removing that part is the right choice for you to get the full benefits.

5. Spices

Spices such as ginger, cinnamon, mustard seed, cayenne peppers, black peppers, chili peppers, etc. are very efficacious in increasing the body’s metabolism to burn fat and helps the body become healthier. By adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to your cooking every day can increase the body’s ability to reduce blood sugar and lower cholesterol level in our blood. Mustard seed helps increase the body’s metabolism, so the body can burn fat faster than before.

6. Egg Whites

Eggs are foods that are very rich in nutrients. But we simply consume only the egg whites to achieve our goals in losing weight. As we know that the yolks is rich in cholesterol, so too much consume the yolks is not recommended. The egg whites are rich in high quality protein without any saturated fat and carbohydrate inside. So these foods are a must for those who are trying to build muscle without worry about weight gain.

7. Fish

Consume fish like sardines, tuna and salmon is very good for the health of our bodies. In addition to the low-calorie meat, fish also contains omega-3 fatty acids. It helps reduce the risk of heart attack, prevent inflammation of the joints and reduce the risk of cancer. Besides that consume fish will help the development of brain tissue and height of children, slow down the aging process and maintain eye health.

8. Whole Grains

Whole grains are a great source of carbohydrates that you can choose for yourself or your family. It is true that if you consume too much carbohydrate can make you become fat quickly, but if you are short of it then you can easily become exhausted in doing your activities. So meet your daily carbohydrate needs by eating natural foods which contain no sugar.

9. Water

Water is a basic need for all living beings, so try to meet your drinking need by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. You do not have to worry about getting fat from drinking too much water. Water contains no calories, so it is safe for those who are on a strict diet. The water also boosts your metabolism rate to burn more calories and remove toxins from the body through sweat and urine.

10. Salad

Salad is a very popular food by those who are trying to lose weight. As we all know that salad consisting only of vegetables and fruits, so it’s guaranteed that you will lose weight by eating salads regularly and your body also will be more healthy and fresh.

Those are some of the best foods to eat to lose weight that I can share with you. I know that there are many foods that have better benefits than the foods, but I hope it can help you in determining foods you will eat.

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