Suunto Vector Watches for Men

Suunto Vector is one of the best watches for outdoor enthusiasts, it combines some feature such as a thermometer, compass, barometer and altimeter into an advanced wrist-watch. Surely it is easier for us when camping or hiking carrying a gadget that has several features rather than take one by one at the same time. This watch not only serves to provide information about real time, but also can track your activities so that should help you make decisions when you are outdoors and need to make an right decision.

Some of the top features of the Suunto Vector watches:

1.  Altimeter

The Suunto watch’s altimeter boast a range up to 29,500 feet. The altimeter has altitude measurement function that lets you to set an altitude alarm, store the descents / ascent rate and altitude for every hour automatically and follow the vertical progress between stages. Beside these features you also can use the logbook function that lets you to record the cumulative and total vertical descents / ascents and the numbers of runs.

2. Barometer

Barometer is a tool that works to display the temperature and air pressure. This tool is one important tool that you should prepare if you want to travel to the outside like climbing a mountain, where it provides the key aspects related to the weather for your consideration. The Suuno’s barometer is also able to record the barometric data for the previous four days. The watch also displays the sea level pressure to help you to understand the barometric pressure accurately.

3. Compass

A compass is useful when exploring an unfamiliar territory by guiding you to a chosen direction. The Suunto Vector watches provide you with a declination adjustment function with cardinal / half cardinal points and a North-South arrow to choose the right direction between magnetic North and the true North.

Besides having a variation of outdoor functions, the Sunnto Vector watches also have normal functions like any other ordinary watches such as a countdown timer, a stop watch, a calendar and display time. The watches also have some additional feature such as an attractive black housing, a replaceable battery and an Electro-luminescent back-light.

The Advantages of Suunto Watches:

  • The watch is sturdy, durable and versatility.
  • The watch is waterproof
  • It has many useful features in outdoor activities such as barometer, thermometer and compass.
  • Feel comfortable when worn on the wrist

The Disadvantages of Suunto Watches:

  • Some of the setting and control are not easily understood and remembered
  • The size is pretty large

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