Striiv Best Digital Pocket Pedometer Reviews

What is  Striiv, and why I need one?

Striiv is a small gadget about the size of a car key that functions as a personal trainer, it motivates you to achieve goals and then rewarding you when you do it.

However it has some different with a regular trainer; first it doesn’t cost you for each workout session, you don’t have make a schedule with your trainer, you can clearly see your result in charts and graphs and you can store your personal trainer in your pocket

If this is you first time hearing about Striiv, then let me explain to you that Striiv is a digital pedometer (a device that count steps based on the motion of hips) so so that you can only use this device in any exercise that requires you to always moving.

Most of these devices used in jogging and running, because running is the best cardio workouts and this type of exercise is able to trains all your muscle group so it’s important to count your steps to determine your fitness level.

What are features owned by the Striiv?

Myland Games

Game in Striiv is Myland and it’s designed for non-gamers, you only need to running or walking to play the game. The game start with in an uninhabited island and your task is developing the island by building huts and planting trees. Overall the game is fun and simple but still motivating.

Personal Challenges

In the challenges menu, you will earn energy when you walk (it’s much like points or money in a game), wager your energy and win rewards. The Striiv’s challenges design to keep you motivated to push yourself to walk as far as you can possibly do.

— The average Striiv user walks 3 miles a day for 60 minutes —

Walkathon Program

Stiiv counts every your step and applies them to help others. It’s free and easy, you just need to run, earn some scores and plug into your PC to donate. You can donate to saving trees in a rainforest, families lack of water in South America or polio vaccines. The more you walk, the more you give.

Easy to Use

This device is easy to use and you don’t require to connect it to your computer to see your workout results. It has 2” touch screen clearly display your distance, calories, stairs and steps.

What people think about Striiv?

“I gave this device to my wife and she loves it. She really likes goals and graphic feedback, video game style feedback and develops her island, gardens and animals. She does workout routine because of the rewards. She laughs out loud when she obtains new item for her island. It did a trick and made it fun for her to get active”. { S. Wirth }

“I boughtthisdevicein December2011 and then liked it. I was walking over 10,000 steps a day”. { Stacolee }

“I love this product. It’s a pedometer with a game. I work from home so I stuck at my computer and do not move around. But Striiv changed it. In order to play the game, movement is needed. The battery is good and the price is reasonable and I don’t have to pay a monthly fee”. { MJ }

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