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The Benefits of Stair Stepper

stair stepperStair stepper or mini stepper is some example of fitness machines you often see forgotten in the corner of gyms. Commonly those machines are a rolling staircase that function to trains your feet muscles like you climb the stairs. Many people didn’t use it because they thought the result was same on an elliptical or treadmills. Some of the opinions are correct but a stair stepper has benefits that you will be sorry when you miss them. Here are some reasons a stair climber or mini stepper is good enough machine to add to your workouts menu.

The longer and harder you push your lungs and heart, more effective your exercise become. This is the reason why cardio exercises are important for everyone. The stair stepper provides a great cardio workout. Other fitness machines like an elliptical give a good enough cardio workout but only few as intense as a mini stepper. The mini stepper trains your body as if you run up of the stairs. This not only makes your heart beating hard but your lungs will get burning exercise. The harder and longer your exercise, the faster you achieve fitter. On treadmills when you enter the climax time, you will be easily to drop to walking speed but only need a little time to recover. However mini stepper workout is harder than the treadmill and elliptical.

On this workout you need to climb and then the body weight lifting every your leg. The longer your climbing the harder they become. Start with a short workout and when you fell more capable try to add length of you exercises, repeat them over weeks. And you will notice your lungs and heart get stronger and fitter than before. With intense cardio exercise makes more calories burned and if you are dreaming to get loss weight, this workout is useful.  The stair stepper is a good machine for you. Just be consistent and workout slowly and carefully over a period of time.

A stair stepper train parts of your body that the other fitness machines don’t reach.  This machine train hips, gluts, thighs and calves. The elliptical also train the same muscle but it works the front of the thighs harder and the treadmills train the similar muscle group in a different way. A stair climber lifts your body weight on one leg at one time. This means you really fast tone your hips, butts and legs muscles. None of the other fitness machines can do this. This machine is the best deal machine.

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