Casio G Shock Sport Watches for Men

casio-g-shockCasio sport watches was first launched in November 1974 when the industry had just discovered digital technology. Casio as a top company that has developed a pocket calculator to believe with their advanced technology, they would successfully sell the product.

What made the Casio sport watches be the best watches of the best?

Despite made conventional watches, Casio tried to make something different with the previous watches. The ideal digital watches should able to show the precise time including the year, month, hour, minute, second, the day of the week, a.m. and p.m. It also was the first watch with a digital calendar function that didn’t need you to reset the calendar due the difference in month length. And if you compare the digital watches with the conventional watches, you will notice that the digital watches use Liquid Crystal Display / LCD to better show all the information. And in 1974 Casio lunched the first digital watches with automatic calendar feature.

Casio changed the concept of the watch from a mere wristwatch to a multifunction device. They not only developed time functions such as global time zone but also something that is owned by Casio such as dictionary and calculator functions, a thermometer function, and phonebook feature. Then the sensor watch developed into the Pathfinder series showing compass reading, atmospheric pressure and even altitude, while the memory function watches developed into the Databank Series.

Casio lunched the shock resistance G Shock watch. The engineers made a triple protection for the case, module and parts to create the world’s toughest sport watch. The watch is unaffected by shaking and strong impacts. This product destroyed the old judgment that a watch is a fragile object that needs to be handled with care. Then the G Shock developed with new materials for better durability, radio-controlled solar-powered technology and new sensors. By always continuing beyond the usual thinking about watches and using the latest technology, the G Shock brand has become flagship wrist watch product.

Today, Casio is developing radio-controlled and solar-powered watches to replace the battery usage, and the radio-controlled makes the user does not have to reset the time. In simple terms, radio-controlled function represents a revolution in time-keeping technology. With the further development of energy efficiency, miniaturization and high radio-wave sensitivity, Casio continues to build new models of wrist watches.

The Casio G Shock Specifications:

  • Model Year: 2011
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Item Shape: Round
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Item weight: 16 Ounces
  • Features: World time, stop watch, shock resistant, dual time display and chronograph
  • Calendar: Month, date and day
  • Bezel function: Diving
  • Water resistant depth: 660 Feet
  • Dial color:  Grey
  • Band Color: Black

The Casio G Shock Black Reviews

black g shockI have read many reviews about Casio sport watches, overall this product in my opinion is a nice watch and worthy to be used but I do not know how you will judge it. Here are a few points about this product that I’ve managed to summarize. I hope this will help you.

 The Advantages:

  • This watch has everything you need in a workout like a stop watch to calculate your running time, a watch that is impact resistant and not easy to get dirty.
  • The watch is lightweight, but heavy duty.
  • Set-up is simple and the watch will do what you need a watch to do.
  • Another owner of the watch told that this watch could last up to 20 years without battery replacement. These watches are the toughest watch in the world.

The Disadvantages:

  • The band is not comfortable to wear on your wrist
  • The buttons require more effort to push

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