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Sole TreadmillAre you looking a treadmill or just need more information about treadmills? You need to know more about sole treadmill. These cardio machines are high-quality, high performance and good reputation. They also underwrote with long, comprehensive warranties backed by excellent customer service and a reasonable price to the consumer. This cardio machines are marketed by Sole Fitness, a fitness equipment business that producing high quality treadmills and exercise machines for over twenty years.

Soletreadmill also can be found in commercial setting such as gyms and hotels. Sole pioneered the concept of “In Room Fitness Program” by insertion high end machines in individual guest rooms. Sole Treadmills Hotel Partners are Omni Hotels, Hotel Monaco and Hilton Hotels.

This machines are divided into 2 types. The folding treadmill like as Sole F63 , Sole F65 , Sole F80 , Sole F83 , Sole F85 . They are created to perform, and have the mobility you need at home. And non-folding treadmills like as Sole S73 , Sole S77 and TT8 Sole treadmill Light Commercial.

The Folding Treadmill

The non-folding treadmill is designed for use in home. With this machine you can do jogging or running anytime in your private home gym. The non-folding treadmill has Cushion Flex Shock Absorption system to help reduce impact to your feet, so you will feel more comfortable when running. This treadmill model has LCD screen display to shows your speed, time, distance, incline and calories burned. You also can monitor your heart rate with a wireless chest strap. For the motor it has 3.0 Horse Power (S73 version) and 3.5 Horse Power (S77 and TT8 versions)

The Non-folding Treadmill

The folding treadmill is designed for everyone who looking an affordable treadmill, space saving design, but with high quality features.  The deck of this treadmill built with Cushion Flex Shock Absorption system (F80, F83, F85 versions) and Phenolic Deck w/ Shock system (F63 and F 65 versions) for prevents you from injuries and get more comfortable when running.

If you purchase a treadmill, you minimum wish to feel as though you got your dollar’s value out of it. This may only happen if the treadmill is made well, if it is durable, sturdy tough exercises that you plan doing on it. Sole treadmill is built to resist with them. The machine also comes with a lifetime warranty for its frames and decks while the engine is expected to last a minimum for 30 years. You also will get a money back guarantee on this great cardio machine.

[AMAZONPRODUCTS ASIN=”B0090X06KW”]The S77 Sole treadmill is a solution for a great exercise in the comfort of your home. Designed with a 4.0 HP motor, 22″ running surface, and heart rate programs for your satisfaction. Lifetime warranty on the frame and deck included.

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