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Slendertone Flex Ab Belt Reviews

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Slendertone Flex Pro is an ab belt designed to strengthen and firm all three of ab muscles without performing thousands of crunches or sit-ups to tone your abs. The ab belt using a technology called as electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to help tone your abdominal muscles while you carry out your daily activities such as watching TV, reading a magazine or relaxing on sofa. The Slendertone belt provides the same results as if you were performing sit ups.

How the Slendertone belt works?

You just need wear the Slendertone belt around your belly and stick on the gel pads to your skin. The belt will send signals to your nerves, causing your muscles be relax for a comfortable and effective workout. This system has been approved by The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as safe product that improves endurance, boosting core strength and tone all three abs muscles including the transversus abdominis, oblique and rectus

The advantages of using the Slendertone Flex Ab Belt:

You can using the belt at any time you need no matter what activity you may be doing. You can wear it while working in your office, reading a magazine, hanging out with your friends or cycling. The ab belt is powered by triple A batteries which are easily replaceable and has a portable carrier bag to store it while you are not wearing it. The most important part is that you may achieve a flat belly without suffering pain or injury form strenuous exercises.

The disadvantages of the Slendertone Flex belt:

This product may not suitable to people who an electrical stimulator placed within their body and it can’t give you a six pack abs, you still need to working hard and following health diets for it.

The Slendertone Flex Ab-belt Top Features:

  • Fits waists between 24 and 47 inches and includes 3 gel pads
  • 99 resistance levels and 7 built-in programs
  • Automatically contracts and stimulates abs
  • Have the same benefits as performing crunches and sit ups
  • Designed to tone and strengthen all 3 ab muscles

[amazonproducts asin =”B001VC16KE”]A fun way to tighten and strengthen abdominal muscles. Can be used anywhere both at the office and your home. Fits waists between 47 and 24 inches. Includes a starter guide, carry pouch, 3 gel pads and 2-year warranty.

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