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Simple Upper Body Workouts

upper-body-workoutMany people believe that expensive gym equipment is needed for upper body workout. In fact you do not need it, what you truly need is a proper workout plans, a routine workout and an effective workout. You may not achieve a desired upper body if you only practice once a week and you can become weak if you practice all the time. You also need to drink as much as you can and also get enough rest.

Before starting a workout we better start with cardio workouts. A cardio workout is useful to help process your metabolism and also support the workout routine. Examples of workouts we can do such as swimming, running and cycling.

And the best and easiest workout in my opinion are push-ups and pull-ups. Such training requires only our body weight. It was easy, simple and can be done anywhere and anytime.

You can start a push-up by lying down facing the floor, palms resting on the floor and position your arms close to the shoulder, align the feet of each other, then straighten your leg with the heel facing up.

Lift your body off from the floor as far as possible then lower it to starting position, and then lift it again. Repeat this move over and over as many times as you can. Push-ups useful in developing chest muscles, arms, biceps and triceps, shoulders, and back. When you are accustomed doing push-ups, begin to provide pressure with move slowly and try to do push-up with only one hand.

To do pull ups you must pull your body toward the bar slowly until your chin hits the bar. Bring your body back to your first position and then pull it again. Try keep doing this workout until you cannot pull anymore. Pull- ups will help to develop biceps muscles, chest muscles, and mid-back muscles.

Keep focus in your upper body workout and always be alert for complacency during your workout session. Try to make a daily workout log. Thus you can track your progress and can change your upper body workout easily.


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