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Shaun T’s T25 Minute – Best Workout Videos for Women

Best Workout Videos for WomenThe Shaun T 25 minute workout is a 25-minute full body exercise program that incorporates resistance, jump and strength training for short periods of time per workout. In this program you will moving from one exercise to another without any rest.

Workouts in Shaun T’s T25 minute workout

This program built with 9 DVDs divided into 2 main phases and 1 optional:

Alpha – the first five weeks exercise program focused on building the foundation of your entire body.

  • The Alpha phase consists of the following workouts:
  • Lower Focus to your lower-body muscles.
  • Ab Intervals to flatten and shred the fat from your abs.
  • Total Body Circuit is focus on resistance and strength workout.
  • Speed 1.o to burn fast faster and improve your quickness.
  • Cardio to melt your fat.

Beta – the next five weeks exercise program focused on the core.

The Beta phase consists of the following workouts:

  • Upper Focus to develop the shoulders, back, and chest of your dreams.
  • Dynamic Core to shape the muscle in your core.
  • Rip’t Circuit focusing on cardio, upper body, legs and abs workouts.
  • Speed 2.0 to burn more calories.
  • Core Cardio, this progressive cardio-core workout will make you sweat fast.

Gamma – the optional stuff

This Gamma phase (must be purchased separately) is an additional 4 weeks workout that focuses on resistance training.

So, what makes Shaun T’s T25 minute workout very suitable for women?

  1. It does not require you huge, heavy equipment in the workout, such as smith machines, power tower, or treadmill.
  2. You will utilize your own body weight to perform the movements.
  3. Only using a few simple equipment, such as barbells, resistance bands, a pull up bar, and a yoga mat
  4. It only takes 25 minutes a day making it is suitable for busy women/moms.
  5. Also accompanied with workout calendars, nutrition plan and starter guide.

Shaun T 25’s Nutrition Guide and Meal Plan

Just like other workout programs, Shaun T25’s meal plan is also designed very simple and easy to follow by busy women or anyone in just a few minutes. Each meal in the guide is prepared within 5 minutes, using 5 ingredients and you will only eat 5 small meals a day. You also need to determine which of the two calorie intake categories for yourself, either in the 1600-calories-per-day or 1200-calories-per-day categories. Once you finished, then you must follow the plan to break down your caloric intake throughout the day. The number of calories seem to low, however they are designed to keep you full and energetic within a day, as long as you stick to the plan and only eat when required.

So, whether Shaun T’ T25 minute workout is still the best workout videos for women

Shaun T’s T25 minute workout videos get quite a lot of positive comments. Most argue that these are good workout videos to initiate significant changes to the body and will lead to great results in a few weeks. However, some the users complain that they take a longer time to get satisfactory results on their bodies. Some fitness experts even say that T25 is more suitable for those who rarely perform activities and sports, not for those who are active.

In the end, whatever the opinion of others as long as you can focus on healthy diets and continue to exercise regularly then you will definitely get the satisfactory results.

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