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The Schwinn IC2 Indoor Bike Trainer Reviews

indoor bike trainerOne of the most concerning issue is obesity. This is a growing problem in the world and the only way to solve it by exercise. However many people don’t enough time to go to a gym or fitness center, he / she is too busy with the work and much more. But what if you do some high intensity exercise directly on your home sweet home, I am sure it will be a great idea for everyone. One of the exercises that you can pick is indoor cycling. Many experts would agree that cycling is one of the most beneficial exercises to stay fit, improve blood circulation, increase stamina, strengthen muscle groups and get in shape.

There are several advantages of indoor cycling that you might need to know, including:

  1. This indoor bike trainer is stationary, so it does not take you anywhere like a traditional bike do. You only need to sit and cycle on the bike that is fixed at your home. The benefit is that you can get a high intensity cycling workout without going outdoors.
  2. Your exercise can’t affected by the bad weather. It doesn’t matter it’s raining or shining, you can keep cycling in comfort
  3. You can save your precious time. You can feel very good simulation of cycling while turning on your favorite workout music or just watching TV within the comforts of your home.
  4. You don’t need to prepare your ration, spare tires, repair kit before go cycling by your indoor bike trainer.

One of the brands that I recommend to you is the Schwinn. It is a big company for making fitness machines. One of its lines of exercise bike is the Schwinn IC2 indoor bike trainer. As a result over 100 years of cycling expertise, the Schwinn exercise bike simulates the hard-pedaling indoor environment and real cycling feel of an outdoor bike. It also customizable, you can adjust the seat and handlebars to your size and needs. The console displays calories burned, speed, RPM, distance, time for an easy monitoring.

Here are the detailed features of the Schwinn IC2 indoor bike trainer;

BioConnect Feedback

  • Easy to use LCD screen displays calories, speed, RPM, distance and time.

BioDyne Performance

  • Infinite resistance levels
  • 40-pound flywheel with high inertia, direct drive gearing
  • Transport wheels
  • Frame levelers / Rear stabilizer for stability
  • Wool felt pad provides smooth and resistance
  • Oversized steel tubing for a sturdy and safe ride
  • Infinite resistance levels

BioFit Comfort

  • Integrated fan, Mp3 holder, bottle
  • Oversized padded saddle
  • Seat adjustable
  • Multi position handlebars
  • Easy-adjust pedals

Product specifications:

  1. Dimensions: 45 x 23 x 49 inches
  2. Weight: 83 pounds
  3. Max user capacity: 250 pounds
  4. Power Requirement: 2 AA batteries
  5. Workout: Upper body workout and simultaneous lower / upper body
  6. Resistance System: Felt Pad
  7. Warranties: 3 months on wear parts, 1 year on electronics and parts, 5 years on the frame

[amazonproducts asin=”B00635GTTW”]The bike delivers the pleasure of outdoor cycling into your comfortable room. Equipped with LCD monitor, sturdy steel frame, an infinite resistance levels, and adjustable pedals. Also accurately track your calories burned, speed, RPM, distance, and time.

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