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Schwinn Bikes Reviews & Tips

schwinn bikesAre you looking an exercise bike or just want to upgrade your bike. You probably have heard of Schwinn bikes. Schwinn bikes are owned by Nautilus Fitness. Nautilus also owns Stairmaster, Bowflex Treadclimber and Trimline. It’s the 2nd biggest producer of exercise equipments in North America.

Schwinn bikes might be very expensive for the common customer with price range from $300 to $1,600, but if you are really serious about keeping your body in good shape, it’s worth the price you pay.

There are various features that make Schwinn bikes different from the competitors. They have a fan-style air resistance technology that keeps you cool and comfortable when you pedal energetically. Another great feature is the handle bars. The handle bars move in a harmonized style, so you’ll get a total body workout.

The bikes provide intense training on your muscle groups. With efficient cardio workouts are aided by built in heart monitors. The Schwinn bikes also have over than six program series built into them.

There are three designs of Schwinn exercise bikes available. They can be broadly categorized as The Schwinn Recumbent Bike, The Schwinn Airdyne Bike, and The Schwinn Upright Bike.

Schwinn Upright Bike

schwinn upright bikeThe Schwinn exercise bike of the upright series is a fitness machine designed to burn calories without over exhausting you. These Schwinn bikes series use a digital screen to track of your activity in term of speed, distance, rpm, and calories burned etc. The Schwinn exercise bike of the upright series also has a reading rack to help you reading while exercising.

They have 140, 120, 150, A 10 Upright Bike and IC2 Indoor Cycling bike. For  buy a upright bike you will get 6 – 18 programs ,  hearth rate monitor plus a quiet magnetic ECB ( Eddy Current Brake) for the resistance system, reading rack, water bottle holder, rear stabilizers, adjustable handlebars, switchable menu from  miles to km, seat adjustment, and oversized deluxe pedals.

And from its LCD display you will get time, interval time, rpm, distance, pulse, speed, calories, resistance level, and course profile. And for the warranty you will get 5 years for frame, 1 year for mechanical, 90 days for parts and labor.

Schwinn recumbent exercise bike

schwinn recumbent bikeThe Schwinn recumbent bike is particularly designed for those who have back problems. The pedals are placed in front so they may help you get on and off without problems.

For schwinn recumbent bike you will get 240, 220, 250, A 20 Recumbent Bike to be chosen. The Schwinn recumbent bike have the same features as the upright bike. What make recumbent be different is the seat.  The Recumbent seat adjustment is flexible and easy for all body size. This is important because seating in long time can be very uncomfortable.

Schwinn airdyne bike

schwinn airdyne bikeThe Airdyne series from Schwinn bike is probably the most unique. This bike series maybe look a fusion between an elliptical trainer and upright bike with an air resistance technology built-in. Airdyne bike use a large fan to produce air resistance. This feature offers you more resistance as you can handle.  The more you paddle, the more the resistance offered.

There are 3 model available; Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike, Evolution Comp, and Airdyne AD2. The Evolution doesn’t look much different from the exercise series. It is a minor adjustment for the fan to make it more compact version instead 30 inches size of fan.

“There are no machine can do everything. Find the suitable Schwinn bikes that have features you want at price you can pay”


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