jumping on a round trampoline

Round and Rectangle Trampoline, Which One is for Me?

round-trampolineAt this time, you can find trampolines in the markets with many shapes, like rectangle, oval, round, and square. With the most popular shapes are round and rectangular. Some people prefer a rectangle trampoline, while others people do not. This is a personal choice.

Most people believe that the design has no use at all, but did you know the shape of the trampoline can affect the way you jump and bounce. If you do not know, then you can read the explanation below:

Round vs. Rectangle Trampoline


jumping on a round trampoline

A round trampoline is designed with springs that work together at a same time to response the bounce. This is allow the bouncing and jumping easier to control. The springs pushed you to the center, the softest area with every jump you made. Because this reason, the round trampoline is recommend for toddlers or amateurs.


A rectangle trampoline is designed with springs that react individually to the bounce. The result is the jump and bounce become more complex or random. However, for the experts or professional gymnasts, it allows them to jump freely on any part trampoline and it also provide more space for performing tricks and flips.

Considering the way of its bouncing, rectangular trampolines have more springs, a thick mat, and a strong frame to withstand the amount of force applied on it.



The price of a trampoline depends on many things, such as brand, material, size, quality and the state. In the store, you will find a rectangular trampoline tends to be more expensive than a round trampoline with the same size.

WHY? There are several good reasons why rectangle trampolines are more expensive than round trampolines, such as:

  • Contains more parts, like springs
  • Made with durable frame and thick mat
  • The frame requires additional support
  • More resistant to weather
  • Designed for sport and competition


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Many people suggest that using a trampoline have a high chance of getting injuries, especially bouncing out the mat. Therefore, before you purchase a trampoline you must think that a trampoline is really suit to your needs.

Many last trampoline come with an enclosure to help ensure the safety. I think it is a great thing to prevent you jump out the mat.

If you are already a fond of trampolines and want to have a one in your home, then you can pick a round trampoline. The bouncing power of this model is less powerful and the chance of bouncing out the mat is low, because the springs was designed to help bouncing you back to the center. To further improve the safety of you and your family, using enclosures is highly recommended.



A rectangular trampoline offers more performance than a round one, where you can jump higher, do more tricks or flips, support more weight and the mat can absorb more force when you landing.

For this reason, rectangular trampolines are preferred by professional athletes.



Round trampolines commonly used for recreation purpose. The design ensure more safety for the user. The bouncing power is less powerful and easier to control. The springs also help you bouncing back to the center, preventing you bouncing out of the mat.

Rectangular trampolines mainly used for sport. Unlike the round one, this model provides more bouncing power and space to do flips and tricks.

However, you can still use both of them according to your personal will, such as to lose weight, reduce stress, have fun with your family, etc.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rectangular Trampolines

+ Powerful mat for jump higher and soft landing

+ More space to do flips

+ More durable and resistance

+ Last Longer

– More expensive

– Uncontrolled bouncing

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Round Trampolines

+ Cheaper

+ Safer to use

– Difficult to do flips

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