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Is it Good to Drink a Protein Shake before Bed?

protein shake before bedMany people who were new to body building asked this question. Deciding when the best time to drink your protein shake is depend on several factors – including your metabolism rate, your workout routine, your diet, etc.

However, there are several good times to drink your shakes.

1. Drink protein shakes at breakfast

Protein shakes are low in fat, so drink them regularly does not make you gain fat. Despite the fact that protein shake still have some calories for you to run your daily activates.  This option is great for them who are on diet.

2. Drink the shakes in between meal snack

By snacking on protein shakes that are low in calories, your body will get the nutrients you need to repair and grow, and satisfy your hunger without worrying too much about weight gain.

3. Drink the shakes before workout

Having a protein shake before any workout will help you a lot. Since your body has a good deposit of protein in your body, it will help you do more and gain more from what your body normally does.

4. Drink the shake after workout.

After your workout, the body enters a stage of growth and recovery. In this stage, your muscles need some amino acids where protein shakes can provide them.

5. Drink protein shakes before bed

By taking your protein shake before bed, not only you filling yourself up, but it also gives your body the energy needed for muscle development and recovery.

Other benefits of drinking a protein shake before bed, such as:

– Prevent protein breakdown that naturally occurs when we sleep

– Help maximize muscle growth, because the optimum development occurs during the night when you are resting

So, is it good to drink a protein shake before bed?

My answer is YES, but you still need to pick the right protein powder for yourself.

Whey Protein Powder (not recommended)

Consuming whey protein shakes after or before workout is the best option, because the body can absorb it quickly and easily. However, drink the shake in the night is not recommended. During the night, our body needs something that makes it keeps full for a long time, so pick a quick action protein like whey is not a wise option.

Casein Protein Powder

On an average, a person sleeps for 6 to 8 hours a day and therefore a slowly digested protein is the best to drink in the night. Casein shakes are the best option, because it takes longer to be digested by the body and makes you feel full for a longer time.

These are the times that are recommended to all the people who are confused in determining the best time to drink their shakes. The results may be varying, so you may need to test them and write the impacts on your body along with the diet that you carry on.

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