Proform Treadmill Reviews & Guide

treadmills proformProform treadmill is manufactured by Icon Health and Fitness, Inc. It also produces Nordic Track Treadmill. This cardio machine is more than able to managing regular and intense workouts plus its motor is running smooth and quiet process. Those are some factors why this machine is usually found in countless commercial gyms and fitness centers.

Proform Treadmill also have low price. It’s the best option for buyers who are looking for a standard treadmill under $1000. However it still has lots of great features. The machine designed with iFit Live compatibility, numerous workout programs built-in, and heart rate checking.

With iFit Live it is possible to download new exercises programs from Web, record your workout progress and save it to your computer, connect with your trainer via internet or create a personalized exercises program. This great machine also built with CD players, so you can listen to songs during your workouts.

The monitor screen is a full color touch screen. It offers user friendly display and simple printout of the performance stats. You can download you exercises on you iPod and then upload them on to your account on So you track and analyze your exercises progress easily.

This treadmill have built-in heart monitor to help you make sure that you’re meeting your target heart rate during your workouts. It’s equipped with shock absorber to prevent injury during your workouts and help to smooth your step. The slide has adjustable inclines, which allow you to burn more calories and build more muscle.


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