• garmin-vivofit-colors

    Garmin Vivofit with Heart Rate Monitor Review

    What is the Garmin Vivofit? Garmin Vivofit is another wearable fitness tracker, like the Samsung Gear Fit, Fitbit Force, Jawbone UP or Nike Fuelband. It is designed to do the following things: 1. Track the quality of sleep when you go to bed. 2. Assigns a personalized goal each day based on your activity level. 3. Records calories burned throughout the day. 4. Motivates you to be more active by making it light up for every 15 minutes of inactivity, which requires you to do something, like walking to reset. Garmin Vivofit’s Design The Vivofit comes in five colors: black, blue, purple, slate and teal, and two versions: with heart…

  • jawbone up 24 review

    Jawbone UP 24 Fitness Gadget Reviews

    What is Jawbone UP 24? Jawbone up 24 is a unique fitness gadget that looks more like a bracelet, because it don’t have a screen to display statistics of training you have done before. The small device is designed to do the following things: 1. Track of daily activities, such as active vs. idle time, the number of calories burned, and distance reached 2. Track quality of sleep, such as number of wake ups, time to fall asleep, and total hours 3. Log what you drink and eat, get nutritional info by scanning a barcode, taking a photo or searching in the Jawbone UP’s database Since it made to track…

  • fitbit one sleep tracker

    Fitbit One Sleep Tracker

    The Fitbit one sleep tracker is may be something you need to get motivated and active in your days. Basically, it is a fitness tracker that tracks your calories burned, steps and sleep quality. For those who do not know about the device, and here a collection of reviews of the users. The Fitbit one has a very small size to the size of a sophisticated fitness tracker. The one may be fit inserted into a pocket on your shirt or pants. In addition you can also place it on the provided clip, so you can wear it on your belt. You will also get a sleep wristband that you…

  • garmin oregon 450

    Garmin Oregon 450 Best GPS Navigation Device

    Garmin Oregon 450 is a multipurpose tool that you will need for your outdoor adventure. This small gadget is built with features such as picture viewer, micro SD card slot, 3-axis electronic compass, barometric altimeter, a high sensitivity receiver, sunlight readable, touchscreen and many more. The Controls are Easy This Garmin Oregon device comes with a color, sunlight readable, touchscreen display that offers high resolution images and crystal clear enhanced colors. You just need touch the color screen to navigate. It’s very easy to use and this means you will spend more time to enjoy your outdoor adventure than messing with the controls. Its digital maps show you a big…

  • golf buddy world

    Golf Buddy World plus GPS Range Finder Reviews

    Golf is a game of fun and quite exciting to play together with our friend or colleague. But you may often feel frustrated because often failed to hit the ball into the hole, so you need to make some calculations before you hit the ball. So let me introduce to you the Golf Buddy GPS. This small device has a GPS tracker with automatic hole and course recognition. The most important thing is that it provides you with some crucial information about your golf performance. It also stores up to 40,000 courses around the world and the good news is it’s free and already preloaded in the system so you…

  • garmin forerunner 405

    Garmin Forerunner 405 CX Heart Rate Monitor Watches

    Garmin Forerunner 405 Cx is one of the best sport watches that equipped with heart rate monitor and GPS. This heart rate watch besides tracks your heart rate, pace and distance, it also able to sends your workout data to your computer for analysis. Garmin 405Cx comes with a second wrist band for smaller wrists and features heart rate based calorie computation. Some features of the Garmin Forerunner 405 CX including: Watch Results Garmin 405 CX is loaded with serious training features such as continuously records your heart rate, calories burned, pace, distance and time. Automatically store your workout data so you can review and analyze it. You can also…

  • garmin 910xt

    Garmin Forerunner 910XT with Heart Rate Monitor

    Garmin 910Xt is the best watch for you. You can wear it when you are running, cycling and even swimming. This model of Garmin watches is equipped with comfortable wristband, clear display, heart rate monitor and GPS. Although the watch may be worn in water, it will not send your heart rate data while submerged. Several things that you can do with the Garmin Forerunner 910Xt including: Plan, Analyze and Share You can use Garmin Connect to upload your training data, analyze your activity on a map, create and schedule a new workout plan and explore activities from other user. Through a tiny USB stick and ANT+ wireless technology that…

  • garmin approach s1 w

    Garmin Approach S1 W Golf Watch Reviews

    Golf is a simple game where you only need a ball and clubs. In order to play you need to hit the ball into a series of holes in a grassy field. You may already know some of the professional golfer, namely Tiger Woods, Tom Watson, Dale Irwin, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, etc. However the game of golf can be hard if we don’t know how to navigate around the courses. That is the main reason why you will need the help of a golf GPS watch. It’s designed to show you the right direction when you are playing the game, so you can more enjoy the game and help…

  • Striiv-Digital-Pedometer

    Striiv Best Digital Pocket Pedometer Reviews

    What is  Striiv, and why I need one? Striiv is a small gadget about the size of a car key that functions as a personal trainer, it motivates you to achieve goals and then rewarding you when you do it. However it has some different with a regular trainer; first it doesn’t cost you for each workout session, you don’t have make a schedule with your trainer, you can clearly see your result in charts and graphs and you can store your personal trainer in your pocket If this is you first time hearing about Striiv, then let me explain to you that Striiv is a digital pedometer (a device…

  • monitor heart rate

    The Advantages Of Polar Heart Rate Monitor

    Are you needing a heart rate monitor to watch your weight loss and fitness goals? Well if your answer is yes, you will need to buy Polar Heart Rate Monitors. Why? First Polar is one of the most advanced heart-rate monitor. Polar has over than 30 years of experience in heart monitor industry. Many pro athletes already used them to monitor their workouts and average people just want to get fit. During cardio workouts it is important to monitor your heart rates especially as part of exercise and training. You will need information about your heart rate and then understand it to get result from your regular workouts. There are…

  • withings activity-tracker

    Withings Pulse Best Heart Rate Monitor For Women

    A heart rate monitor is a good device for beginners or maybe experts to help them to find how hard they have worked to burn calories without exercise too hard and risking injury. Using a heart rate monitor, like the Withings Pulse is pretty simple, you just need to figure out the number that we want to reach. Normally, it is about 50-85 percent of our maximum heart rate. Once we know our number, we just need to see the monitor and pick up or slow down the pace if needed. So, it is great tool to make sure we don’t go too hard or too easy while exercising. Some…

  • nike plus

    Nike Plus Sports Watch

    There are so many sport watches on the market, so it can be hard to find the best among them. However if you are a runner who is looking for a sport watches for particular needs then you must to consider a watch that has features meets you needs. One of sport watches that you can consider is Nike SportWatch. This Nike plus watch is useful if you are looking to keep fit these days. It looks cool and feels comfortable when you wear it not only as a sport watch but also as a regular watch. It is important to track and measure your training results, mainly if you…

  • waterfi mp3 player reviews

    Waterfi Best Underwater Mp3 Player

    The Waterproof Waterfi Shuffle is the best Mp3 player in my opinion, you can use it while running, exercising and swimming. With Waterfi you can listen to your favorite music in the gym, ocean, pool, rain, snow and as your daily Mp3 player. The device is quite popular among swimmers because it’s reliable, long lasting and the most tested waterproof Mp3 Player available. Easily Play the Music This underwater music player has an advanced feature called VoiceOver. This feature helps you searching the song you are want to play efficiently and quickly by speaking the names of playlists, artists and songs. It makes you much easier to use the Mp3…