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Power 90 Supreme 90 day Boot Camp Workout DVDs

boot camp workoutsPower 90 – boot camp workouts is another fitness DVDs hosted by the famous trainer Tony Horton which have lasted in fitness and health industry for a long time. It’s simple fitness program with guaranteed results. Tony, the trainer is great. He teaches a lot of effective techniques in losing the weight to his students. The whole workout focuses on the abdominal, upper body and thighs.

This product is similar with others Tony exercise DVDs. Each workout is for a duration of about 30 minutes and will end on the 90th day. The supreme 90 day workout is based on a concept named “Sectional Progression”. With this method you are allowed to target any muscle areas you want and then you can start a workout by following a set of exercises created by Tony Horton for that part. Beside that the exercises are so great, they not only work on the targeted area you want but also help you build strong and lean muscles. All you need is just follow the regime for 30 minutes every day for 90 days.

The Power 90 Supreme workouts:

  • Ab Ripper 100 & 200: These two 6-minute ab routines proven to give you the sexy six-pack abs.
  • Sculpt Circuit 3-4: Next level workout for sculpting lean muscles (38 minutes)
  • Sweat Cardio 3-4: A powerful workout for calorie blasting and accelerated fat (42 minutes)
  • Sculpt Circuit 1-2: Easy moves that work to strengthen firm and tone your entire body. (29 minutes)
  • Sweat Cardio 1-2: Fun Pilates, kickboxing and some innovative cardio moves to shed inches and burn fat fast (36 minutes)

Tony has never missed out on freebies with his exercise DVDs. He always gives something for his fans and students. When you purchase these boot camp workout DVDs you also get these following items for free:

  1. Tape measure and success measurement card. These tools are designed to help you stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals.
  2. Fat Burner Meal Plan. An informative eating plan for burning the fat without sacrifice your favorite foods.
  3. Fat Burning Express workout. This fast workout (35 minutes) is effectively burn your calories and fat and improve metabolism.
  4. 6-Day Fat Burning Express plan. This is a proven weight loss plan to lose up 10 inches and 10 pounds in just 6 days.
  5. Free online access for amazing peer support and useful fitness and diet tips.
  6. 90-day calendar. Another great tool to track your progress and stay motivated.
  7. Transformation Tracker and Program Guide. They will show you what exactly you have to do day by day and how to track your results

The Tony’s boot camp workouts is really hard especially for the first time. Some users even pause the video for a while to catch up the breath and have a water break. Overall the exercise DVDs is great, Tony will show you the way to gain nice muscle and lose weight. Now you can start to forget about getting registrations in gym and their expensive cards. Just turn your living room into an awesome in-home boot camp.

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