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Ab Rocket the Most Popular Abs Machine

ab machineHaving fat abs or six pack abs is every man’s dream. Especially when I see any infomercials and ads about a popular abs machine, the hosts always have six pack abs for men and flat abs for women. They made me exciting to get the same physical like them. However getting six pack abs is not an easy task but it’s still possible to be done.

In order to have six pack abs, we need to make a proper fitness program and here are some tips and advices that may be will help you to get it.

Get the right nutrition for your body. This is the basic thing but also the most important part. Some of the nutrition that you need to consume is omega fats (almonds, olives, avocado, etc.), limited complex carbohydrates (brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc.), green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, green beans, etc.) and lean proteins (poultry, grilled fish, etc.).

Some experts recommend to break our daily food intake into smaller portions. If you always take a meal 3 times a day then you can try to eat 6 times a day but with a small plate. Avoid foods that can make you fat such as sugars, fast food, candy, soda, pasta and many more.

Don’t forget to exercise your stomach muscle. Some cardio exercises such as swimming, sit-ups, cycling and running are great to help melt your fat away and some specific exercises like sit ups will help you build and strengthen abdominal muscles.

The last, an abs machines can help you perform abdominal exercises efficiently and easily. One of them that you can pick is the Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer. I’m sure you’ve seen their ads on TV and so am I.

The ab machine delivers a revolutionary way to train your middle abs, upper abs, lower abs and even your sides. It also came with a rolling cushion, along with a head and back apparatus that gives you comfort while you perform workouts. Whatever you want to melt fat, strengthen your core or tone your abdominal, the ab machine is still a good choice.

The Ab Rocket Features:

  • Includes instructional DVD and low calories meal plan
  • 3 resistance levels
  • Head and back apparatus and rolling cushion for comfort
  • The abs machine is great for strengthen core and tone abdominal muscles

several known issues with the Ab Rocket, such as:

  • Some users said that the ab rocket can be easily damaged
  • If you are too tall or short, the machine may be not suitable for you
  • The resistance levels are not enough for everyone. It is more suitable for beginners not for the experts.

[amazonproducts asin=”B000SALE1Q”]Designed for toning and strengthen your abdominal muscles, without causing pain in the neck and back. Consists of 3 resistance levels and includes an instructional DVD and low-calorie meal plan.

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