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Polar Loop Review – Best Fitness Tracker

As one of the best fitness tracker, the Polar Loop has all the important functions of a fitness tracker, including activity time, steps traveled, calories burned, and sleep time tracking. Since it is waterproof, you can use it while swimming in a pool or jogging when it’s raining.

The Polar Loop feels very comfortable to use, you will be forgotten if you’re wearing it during exercising. However, you should first measure your wrist size to fit the band. You can easily do this by using a measuring tape that comes with the Polar. Once you find your size, then you can cut the rubber band and then put metal clasps. The only problem that found by some its loyal users was the button used to show the activity data and time. People said it was difficult to push and had to be pressed repeatedly to get it to work.

polar loop reviewThe Polar Loop provides an application that you can download from their website, this app allows you to view your training data (step travelled, calories burned, time, etc.) from your mobile phone. It also will be synchronized as soon as you run it. The software also included a calendar to show all of your data, and maybe some notes that you can add.

The best fitness tracker screen is very useful to show overall your activity level and time for one day. It shows a circle representing a 24-hour period, which active time is shown as a blue color and higher intensity activities will be represented by the dark blue. Now you can see clearly how you filling your day either by doing lots of activities or just sit all day in front of your computer which can certainly bring bad news for your health.

Top Features of Polar Loop the best fitness tracker:

  • Small size and light weight
  • Provides motivation and guidance to reach your goals
  • Monitoring your activity for 24/7, including: sleep patterns, time of day, steps traveled, and calories burned
  • Waterproof
  • Battery lifespan last up to 5 days in continuous use and rechargeable
  • Polar Loop has a heart rate sensor accessory (must be purchased separately)
  • Automatically upload your training data via Bluetooth connection
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