Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitor

blood pressure monitor reviewsThe Panasonic EW3152A is a blood pressure monitor that lets you calculate your blood pressure wherever and whenever you need. This small machine is a great option for you to monitor your physical health comfortably in your house. The monitor is well-known for its accuracy, simplicity, reliability and as one of the most popular products on the market. So it’s ideal for everyone who wants to measure their blood pressure regularly.

To use this machine, you just need to insert your arm and then push the start button to begin the diagnosis. The body movement detector functions to improve accurate readings, the monitor will light up if you make a movement, remind you to stop in order to start the measurement. The adjustable angle and elbow support are built to assure the comfortable and correct use.

How it Works

The Panasonic BP monitor has a feature called DFT (Digital Filter Technology) that isolate and detect the essential pulse oscillation. This feature prevents over-tightening of the cuff, greatly reduces noise factors and leads to reliable and quick measurements. The other features are body movement detector that will light up if you making a movement during the reading, alerting you to stop and become still and the automatic memory feature allows you to save the readings and make it easy to save the track of your results.

Easy to Use

One touch of start button is need by the monitor to make a measurement. It also has 2 memories for two different persons to save their results. The monitor is designed for comfort and ease, you don’t need to wrap your arm because it comes with no cuff to wrap. Just simply insert your arm to take a measurement. Its adjustable angle and elbow support assures comfortable and correct use. The monitor also has large LCD panel to show your readings with an orange backlight for easy visibility. After use, you can put it down with one touch. The Panasonic EW3152A runs on four AA batteries but also has an AC adapter.

The Color Confirmation Systemblood pressure chart

The monitor using the color conformation system, with this feature you will easily interpret and read your results. The three colors light indicate if you reading falls in the normal, pre-hypertension and hypertension range. Green indicates readings in the normal range (under 129), yellow indicates pre-hypertension (130-139) and red indicates hypertension (over 140).

Product features:

  • AC adapter and 4 “AA” batteries
  • Two people X 90 memory
  • 3 color confirming system (red, yellow and green)
  • No Cuff to wrap – just insert your arm
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