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P90X 3 – Workout Routines For Women At Home

workout routines for women at homeToday, women no longer behind men in terms of physical exercise and toning the body. Undoubtedly, you can find several women in a gym or fitness center near your location. However as an active woman you cannot always get a chance to go to the gym and leave your household chores or other important pending work.

Workout routines at home is probably the best solution for you in this case, unless you can spare your time or get permission for it. Doing exercises at home provides many benefits for women, among others:

Save Money

This also my main reason to exercise at my home. The cost of a gym membership may be vary from one another but saving money for later is not a bad idea. You should keep in mind that buy any gym equipment is a one-time cost, whereas the membership costs take your money every single month. Especially for those who have become a housewife, saving money is a routine job.

Save Time

This is another good reason, because you do not have to go to the gym and back to your home. So you will have more time for relaxing, cooking or just go shopping to the market.

Flexible Schedule

You can do exercises whenever you have time for it, either during the day or midnight. You can just set the time and adjust it to your daily routine.


Sometimes privacy can be a big problem for women, especially if you never go to the gym before or when a group of burly men watching you do some fitness movements. Personally, I prefer a home gym because I am more concerned about getting in shape.

Cleaner Environment

As a man, cleanliness is not an absolute rule that must always be followed. But not for women, some of my female friends are very concerned about the issue of cleanliness and visiting a dirty gym is not the right choice for them. Exercise at home allows you to maintain the cleanliness of the room and the equipment you use.

Workout Routines for Women at Home

Exercise for women would be a little different from those implemented for men. If men’s workouts are more focused on the triceps and biceps, then women are more worried about their legs and abs. Following are some effective workout routines for women at home, which has been proven to give good results.

Warm Up

Spend about 5-10 minutes for a warm-up session is something you should do to avoid muscle injuries. You can do jumping jacks or just running in place for it.

Cardiovascular Workouts

Body weight often become the center of attention of most women in the gym. In addition to a strict diet, cardio exercises are very effective in controlling the weight. So do not forget to do cardio exercises in your workout routine. Some examples of favorite cardio exercise like jump rope, step aerobics, cycling, rowing, swimming, and treadmill exercise.

Weight training

Weight training is not only belong to men, women also need to do this exercise for building and toning their muscle. However there is one thing that you should concern you is that try to you feel comfortable with your weight and do not lifting weights that are too heavy for you in order to avoid muscle injuries.

So, why I will need the P90X 3 workout DVDs

P90X, or Power 90 Extreme is an intense home DVD exercise program that designed to take 90 days to sculpt your body, consist of a training program that uses cross-training (calisthenics, yoga, martial arts and weight training), combined with a nutrition diet plan.

There are many things that make P90X 3 worth for you to try it in your home, but there are 4 points that I think is important for you to know.

1. Well-rounded workouts. P90X 3 offers a complete workout for your whole body, such as martial arts, plyometrics, yoga, interval training, weight lifting, etc. These exercises designed to improve your athletic, balance, strength, power and ability.

2. It’s a challenge. I had tried P90X workout before, and I admit that it was not easy. Some movement looked very easy, until I tried it by myself. Like Tony said “If it’s easy, it’s not working“.

3. Entertainment. Tony Horton (the host) and his crew will throw jokes and sometimes hilarious movements to help you stay focused and not get bored.

4. Nutrition advice. P90X 3 does not only come with training videos, but also comes with some goodies. One is a diet plan that helps you choose quality foods in reasonable amounts to fuel your workouts like a pro.

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