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P90X 2 Workout Video Reviews

P90X reviewsWhat is P90X?

The P90X is a cutting edge fitness program hosted by Tony Horton and developed by Beachbody. The workout is based on Muscle Confusion to break training plateaus and get results fast, while P90X 2 ups the ante with some training techniques developed by pro trainers for world class result or Post Activation Potentiation (P.A.P). The P90X workouts including 12 workouts focused on chiseling your body while building your athleticism, core strength, agility, and balance.

In additional to the 12 workout videos, the P90X 2 comes with:

  • A P90X calendar to help tracks your progress
  • A detailed fitness guide
  • A How to Bring It Again video that provides an overview of the system
  • A comprehensive 3-phase nutrition plan
  • Online peer support and much more.

The P90X 2 workout videos, including:

1. X2 Core

Like the title, this workout focused on your body’s core. The core is fundamental where all movement begins. As you mastering the X2 Core workout, all your movement will improve.

2. Plyocide

This workout combines mind and coordination drills with explosive movements to increase your endurance, speed and body/mind connection. However it’s recommended not to do this work out more than once per week.

3. X2 Recovery + Mobility

The X2 Recovery + Mobility work out function to improve your enhancing recovery level and body’s functions

4. X2 Total Body

It combines instability and resistance to make sure that you use the correct muscle in performing movements.

5. X2 Yoga

Yoga is useful for restoring the mind, relaxing the body, improve your range of motion, building vital stabilizer muscle strength and increase the isometric power. Yoga is also well known as fountain of youth, staying young means staying supple and strong.

6. X2 Balance + Power

This workout forces the core under duress by explosive movements and incorporating strength. As you successfully improve your body’s connection between power and balance, your body alignment will improve, pains and aches will lessen and you will able to move far beyond the limits that previously existed.

7. X2 Chest and Back + Balance

This work out was the P90X Chest and Back with an added bonus, an array of unstable platforms. This training designed to help your body get its muscle.

8. X2 Shoulders + Arms

This work out keeping our arms and shoulders strong and in balance, and can avoid an assortment of injuries and breakdowns.

9. Base + Back

This work out may seem sadistic but other people seem this is pull-up and very entertaining because it working the body’s largest groups in one workout.

10. P.A.P. Upper

P.A.P. stands for Post Activation Potentiation, it is the advanced technique that translates into performance. Two four-round of complexes movements don’t look hard but these workouts successfully destroy the fittest athletes.

11. P.A.P. Lower

This one has the same format as P.A.P. Upper but it focused on your lower body.

12. X2 Ab Ripper

This workout will upgrade your concept of ab workouts.

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The P90X 2 Workout Video reviews

The P90X workouts require an investment including money, time and dedication. Although we really don’t any equipment to complete every the routines, we need the following equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, chin-up bar and yoga mat in order to get our muscles in top form.

With the P90X 2 you don’t have to stop a day in the gym, and makes your home as your new gym. Getting lose weight with P90X isn’t an easy job, you still need to eating right, training hard and having the right equipment to succeed but simpler.

Many people went to the gym in the first few times, you saw some changes in their body and they loved it. However now they begin don’t see anything change. The answer is the body has now adjusted to the routines as part of your lifestyle.

With P90X your body will work like it never worked before. With its 12 workouts, your body will be confused and never know what’s coming next. This term is called “muscle confusion” and with it you can burn fat fast and build more muscles.

P90X 2 was created by Tony Horton, a fitness pro who will push you to the extreme. The 12 DVDs will target each muscle in your body in a healthy, safe and fast way.

The Pros of P90X:

  • Comes with a nutrition guide.
  • Beachbody for additional support and help.
  • It targets every part of your body, arms, legs and abs.
  • No need for a gym membership
  • No need heavy or expensive machines

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