outdoor trampoline with enclosure

Best Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosure

outdoor trampoline with enclosureTrampoline is not just for fun, but also good for our health. The repetitive bouncing moves will strengthen your bone, lose weight, and also relieve stress from your mind. It is also very easy to use, so it appropriate for people of all ages.

Some people even compare trampoline with running / jogging and claimed exercise using a trampoline bring better results.

Some proven health benefits that you can get from continuously using a trampoline, including:

  1. Makes you smile and happy
  2. Strengthens your bones and muscles
  3. Increases the sense of vitality
  4. Strengthens your heart
  5. Improves the circulation of the lymph
  6. Increases oxygen circulation inside the body
  7. Improves your sense of balance
  8. Increases lungs capacity
  9. Increases body metabolism rate

In order to getting the most satisfaction from own a trampoline, first you must observe your living situation, like do you living alone or with your family? As well as your targets, budget and home space. It is important to get the right one. WHY?

Did you know if trampoline have two type of sizes?

sizes of trampoline with enclosure
Full-sized (Big) Trampolines

Full-sized (big) trampoline


  • Allow more than 1 person to use
  • Allow you express more yourself like do somersault
  • Resistance to heavy load
  • The mat is more elastic and thicker


  • Require a wide open area
  • Cost more money


Mini (small) trampoline


  • Cost less money
  • Require a small area


  • Only allow 1 person to use
  • Can not bear heavy load
mini trampoline
A mini Trampoline

If you ask me, I prefer the big one. Bigger, more fun!


WHERE you will use the trampoline? INDOOR or OUTDOOR?

Indoor Trampoline


  • Provides a more private play
  • Do not have worry about the weather, dust, or water
  • Allows you watching TV or listening to a radio in your comfort room


  • Your jump height may be limited
  • Sometime it feels more boring than play it in the outdoor


So, why we need an OUTDOOR TRAMPOLINE?

There are several good reasons for it.

First, you do not have to worry if your head will hit the ceiling.

Two. Outdoor trampolines commonly have bigger surfaces. So, you can do some acrobatic moves, like somersault.

Three, It will bring more fun. Imagine bouncing and jumping with your family, your kids or your girlfriends. It is surely more fun, isn’t it?

Three. Enjoy the scenery. I personally choose an outdoor trampoline for this reason. I like it when the breeze passed me when I jumped, I felt like a bird.

Four. A large outdoor trampoline is safer than a mini trampoline, because it is taller and the mat is thicker. So, you can jump, bounce or do some acrobatic moves with no worry.


shapes of trampoline with enclosure
Several Shapes of Trampoline

Trampolines even come with several SHAPES!!

Some of them are the traditional round, oval, square, and rectangle.

Some people believe that girls mostly pick rectangular shape trampolines for themselves, while boys mostly pick round shape trampolines. But I believe that everyone has their favorite.


Why we need an outdoor trampoline with an ENCLOSURE?

Own an outdoor trampoline with enclosure will improve the safety and help prevent people from bouncing out of the ring. Especially, if you have small kids.

Some of the best outdoor trampoline with enclosure that you can consider to buy, including:

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Some things that you may need to consider before buy an outdoor trampoline with enclosure (safety net):

  • Top reputable brands are good choices, because the materials used are top quality and flawlessly manufactured to provide the best bounce. While lower brands may cost less money, but it may not last for a long time. The manufacturers tend to cut a lot of corners to bring the prices down.
  • The size is matter. A 14 ft. trampoline or higher is more appropriate for teens and adults. A 12 ft. trampoline is great for pre-teens. A mini-trampoline is the best for indoor use or for small children.

It is good enough? Eventually, it depends on your goals, money and space in your backyard.

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