Omron Hem-670It Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

omron blood pressureOmron Hem-670It is another wrist blood pressure monitor from Omron. It’s simple to use, accurate and portable.Some great features of the Omron Hem-67It including:

  1. Omron Hem-670It use IntelliSense technology that inflates the cuff to an ideal level and offers automatic inflation for max comfort, personalized and fast.
  2. No adjustment is required to choose an inflation level, especially for users with heart disorders or arrhythmia and hypertensive, because their blood pressure is more likely to fluctuate.
  3. The Omron Blood Pressure monitor allows you to track your pulse progress, blood pressure and recall your last three readings with time and date stamp.
  4. The Omron Hem-670It also has a feature that able to detect morning hypertension and any irregular heartbeat. This feature will help you to understand your heart’s health.
  5. The machine also has a hypertension indicator that will let you know if your reading indicates a high blood pressure condition.
  6. Omron Hem-670It has an Advanced Positioning Sensor that automatically confirms that the wrist cuff in the right position (at the same level with the hearts of users).

Omron Health Management Software

This Omron machine comes with health management software. This software provides a pulse and BP graph that show your value over time. An evening/morning comparison graph track your evening and morning diastolic and systolic BP and heart rate. You also can identify variations by time frame and view your most common values.

Overall this software is simple, easy to use and supports multiple users.  You need to download the data from Omron Hem-670It via USB connection and then see a graphic displays your measurement values on your computer.

Product Details:

  • Advanced features: Advanced averaging, TruRead, 100 total memory, hypertension indicator, irregular heartbeat indicator, A.M. hypertension indicator and Advanced Positioning Sensor (APS)
  • Special features: Omron health management software
  • Batteries: 2 “AAA”
  • Warranty; 5 years

[amazonproducts asin=”B004D9P1A8″]The portable monitor designed to detect any irregular heartbeat and hypertension accurately yet simple to use. Equipped with 200 memory space for log, Advanced Averaging and range of useful features.

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