Omron Bp785 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor

omron blood pressure monitorOmron Bp785 10 Series is a blood pressure monitor that you can use to get detailed information about your heart health. You can easily operate the device and learn all information you need to know about your blood pressure and an accurate reading, thanks to the Cuff Wrap Guide and the Calibration Check System.

Why do we have to check our heart health?

We must realize that heart is the most important organ in our body, so it’s important to know how well it’s doing. One in three adults suffers from high blood pressure and this condition can lead to blindness, kidney failure, strokes and heart attacks.

With Omron Bp785, you can monitor your blood pressure at home, get an accurate picture of your heart’s health and importantly decrease your chance of heart attacks. A healthy lifestyle combined with a healthy heart will help you get a long, active life.

How to use the monitor?

You can easily use the device. You just need place the cuff on your left arm and wait quietly for approximately 5 minutes. And when you are ready, you can press the start button to allow the device to take measurements of your blood pressure.

You also need to know about systolic and diastolic. Diastolic is the pressure between beats, when your heart relaxes and shown as the bottom number on the display. And Systolic is the pressure created as your heart contracts to pump blood throughout the body and shown as the top number on the display.

Classification of Blood Pressure for Adults

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Somefeatures of Omron Bp785, including:

1. 200 Memory Storage

The Omron Bp785 provides 100 memory storage for each user profile (200 totals) to store your reading results with time and date stamp.

2. Advanced Averaging

You can easily review an eight week history of your weekly evening and morning blood pressure averages with one touch of a button.

3. AC Adapter

This feature ensures your monitor is ready to use whenever you are.

4. ComFit Cuff

The Omron Bp785 also built with a pre-formed arm cuff to fit the size of your arm to ensure comfortable and accurate reading.

5. Two User Modes

You allow make 2 user profiles to track and monitor separately.

6. BP Level Indicator

This healthcare device also helps your reading by provide international recognized guidelines for home use.

7. Cuff Wrap Sensor

The Omron  Bp785 will confirms the cuff has been wrapped correctly on your arm via an indicator icon.

8. Irregular Heartbeat Detector

While your blood is being measured, this device detects any irregular heartbeats. If an irregular heartbeat is found, an indicator icon will light up.

9. Calibration Check System

The device has dual sensor that automatically double check each reading. This will assure you get an accurate reading result.

Monitoring Tips

The blood pressure numbers often change. The value at night can be different than in the morning. And by using this healthcare device you can detect changes in your blood pressure any time you desire. However to ensure an accurate reading, please do not measure your BP within 30 minutes of bathing, drinking alcohol, smoking, eating and exercising.

The Omron Bp785 10 Series Specification:

  • Dimension: 4.8 by 7.2 by 9.8 inches
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years

Some Advantages of Omron Bp785 10 Series according to its users including:

  • The device is small, lightweight, and easily to read.
  • The Omron Bp785 10 series has many unique features like an automatic calibration check system.
  • The device is able to detect any irregular heartbeats.
  • And accurately measure the systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure.

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