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Muscle and Fitness Rock Hard Challenge Reviews

Muscle & FitnessMuscle & Fitness is one of the most popular fitness magazines in the United States and published by American Media, Inc.

Many pro bodybuilders are featured in the monthly issues, like Jay Cutler, Sagi Kalev and Gustavo Badell. It also featured some famous actors, such as Hugh Jackman and Arnold Schwarzenegger, former pro wrestler, like Steve Austin, John Cena, and John Morrison.

The magazine not only offers a variety of exercises and nutrition tips that you can follow, but it also discusses about healthy lifestyle, well-known figures in the entertainment and bodybuilding world, a variety of supplements that you can buy for yourself and much more.

One of the interesting things from them is the muscle and fitness rock hard challenge.

In short, it is a challenge to develop a muscular body in just a few months. In this challenge, you will be provided with instructions about exercises that you need to perform and supplements to consume. You also have a chance to win prizes worth more than $1,100 including:

  • 4 bottles of 0.6lb Anotest (3 Fruit Punch)
  • 4 bottles of 261g Amino Build (2 Green Apple, Fruit Punch 2)
  • 4 bottles of 1.1lb Push10 (Fruit Punch)
  • 4 bottles of 100 count Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite
  • 4 bottles of 2lb Phase8 (2 2 Vanilla and Milk Chocolate)

Wow… it sounds interesting for me and especially for those who love lifting dumbbells at home. Instead, just sit in the front of your TV and suck your cola, maybe this challenge a bit better for you, at least for your body and health.

For the training menu, I think it was well prepared. There are many exercises that you can do to create a beautiful and athletic body; starting from your feet to your back. Some examples of training they provide include:

Decline-FlyDecline Fly

Start: Adjust your bench at a 30-45-degree decline. Lie down on the bench while holding a pair of dumbbells. Position yourself in a comfortable position and carefully lift your dumbbells into position above your chest while palms facing each other.

Execution: Lift the dumbbells at full extension. Pause briefly and then lower the weight out to your sides until you feel a strong stretch in your chest or at position where your upper arms are parallel to the floor.

Bench-PressBench Press

Start: Lie down on a flat bench, grasp and lift the bar above your chest. For your safety and comfort, please make sure your feet flat on the floor and keep your glutes, shoulders and head keep contact with the bench all the times.

Execution: Lower the bar until your elbow touches the both sides of the bench. Pause briefly and smoothly lift the bar to full arm extension above your chest. Repeat these moves for a few times.

Incline-Bench-PressIncline Bench Press

Start: Adjust a bench at a 30-45-degree decline. Grasp the bar, un-rack it and hold it above your face. For your balance, please make sure your feet flat, spread on the floor and your back steadily against the bench.

Execution: Smoothly lift and lower the bar. Without bouncing the bar, quickly reverse the direction when you come to a complete stop of lifting or lowering the bar.

In terms of nutrients, you will also get some guidelines. Some examples of tips about nutrition that they share, such as:

About diet

There are some foods that you must eat to help lose body fat and gain muscle. One of them is whey protein. Additionally whey protein also helps enhance muscle growth and suppresses hunger because it is rich in amino acids and easily digested. Makes whey protein is very suitable for consume before and after exercise.

Conclusion, the muscle and fitness is not just a magazine, it more than that. If you want more and get yourself motivated to do something, then put down your ice cream and get yourself a copy today or visit http://www.muscleandfitness.com for more detailed information about the rock hard challenge.

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