Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine Review

muscle and fitness hers magazineMuscle and Fitness is an American bodybuilding and fitness magazine published by American Media, Inc. It offers many nutritional and exercise tips, while promotes a variety of nutritional supplements at the same time. Muscle & Fitness has some companion magazines, such as Flex magazine and Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine specialized for women.

The muscle & fitness hers magazine is for every active woman who want to get more out of fitness in her life. It provides many great advices on nutrition, training, beauty, health, and fashion.

The magazine is not just about looking cute and getting hot, but focused on the fitness and related issues. The women who became the models do not look too skinny or too muscular like a gorilla. They all have one in common, that is they are toned well. Hers magazine certainly focuses on muscle building, but it is not the only thing we have to do.

The magazine contains articles about exercise, diet, products, food, lifestyles, and attitude. The point is it helps you to get a healthy, classy lifestyle. For more details, this magazine contains information on training schedules, detailed workouts, product reviews, recipes for healthy foods, fit people in their jobs and much more.

The advantages:

+ All the pictures and instructions are easy to follow and straight-forward

+ The articles are helpful, interesting, varied, and clear.

+ The layout is great, with a good balance of words and pictures

The disadvantage:

– High number of diet pill, supplement and product advertisements, so it is confusing on what is really recommended

The conclusion, muscle & fitness hers magazine is a right reading for you to keep motivated to exercise while providing detailed information on how to do it properly. Therefore, if you really want to lose weight or just reduce several inches from your waist, then you can start by putting down the chocolate from your mouth, stand up from your comfortable bed, go to a gym near your house and pick up a copy today.

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