Motoactv Fitness Tracker with Mp3 Player

motoactvMotoactv is a small advanced fitness tracker that built with the best mp3 player, heart rate monitor enabled* and sweat proof design, it also able to improve the features and add new functionality via software updates. Not all fitness tracker have updates on its features and makes the Motorola Motoactv be different from its competitors.

The Accusense and GPS technology will be useful to track when you are cycling, walking or running. This device also provide data like calories burned, speed, distance and time. You can check your performance directly on your device in real time or just go online at free Motoactv portal. Go to Portal Now! You also don’t worry about get bored, the company has been providing the best mp3 player to store and play your favorite songs.

What are the features of Motorola Motoactv ?

1. GPS Fitness Tracker

Motoactv has Accusense™ and GPS sensors to track your calories burned, heart rate, speed, time and distance during your workout and display them to you in real time. Motoactv also integrated with some external sensors with BLE and Ant+ technology such as bike sensors, pedometers and heart rate monitors.

2. Mp3 Player

Everyone loves songs and from songs you will be motivated to move forward. Motoactv already know it and bring to you the best Mp3 Player to play your favorite music while you work out. You also can choose a Fit Song to play the one song that you feel motivate you most. The mp3 player also syncs with both your Windows Media Music and iTunes to enjoy some radio program or just tuning into radio transmitters.

3. Wireless Connectivity

This device also allows you to do a wireless workout while you do something else that matter most. Listen the songs wirelessly via Bluetooth headphone, and send your data wirelessly from your device to Motoactv Portal via Wi-Fi. This is certainly would be very useful for you in improving the performance and efficiency of your workout routine.

4. Heart Rate Monitoring

You connect your Motoactv to any heart rate sensor like heart rate chest strap to see your performance during your performance.

5. Motoactv Free Training Portal

You can visit the Motoactv training portal to gain some extra information about the product, analyze your performance, and create a long term goal and a workout planning. When you sign in you need to enter your MotoCast ID and then your workout data can be uploaded to the site. You don’t to worry the device will do it automatically so you can observe your progress easily.

6. Durable devices

Motoactv is built with the finest materials for your toughest workouts. This means the device is scratch resistance, rain resistance and sweat proof.

7. Touch Screen Display

You can easily to access to the data you want most without get confusing about the controls. You just need to touch more to get more information. The device also automatically adjusts to lighting conditions so the screen will be always clear.

8. Audio Coach

The Motoactv also has the audio coach to help to keep motivated to ride your bike, running or walking with some update about your slip times, pace and more.

9. Easy to Upgrade

Motoactv has a feature to allow us to add some new functionality and feature via software updates. This feature will help you to get a better experience in your workout.

10. Spectacular Storage Space

You can choose between two Motoactv models; 8 GB and16 GB, they are capable of storing a lot of your favorite music for your workout.

Motoactv Specifications

    • Product Dimension: 46 by 46 by 9.6 mm
    • Product Weight: 35g
    • Supported Audio Formats: MP3, AAC+ and AAC
    • Workout Time: 5 hours outdoor, 10 hours indoor
    • Playback Time: 20 hours
    • Standby Time: 325 hours
    • Battery: 258 mAh
    • WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n
    • Location: GPS+
    • Sensors: Accelerometer, BLE and ANT+
    • Bluetooth: Stereo Bluetooth Class 1.5
    • Connectivity: USB 2.0, 3.5mm Headset
    • Storage: 8GB and 16GB
    • System Memory: 256MB

Conclusion: This product is very good in my opinion, despite having a small size this product has many features such as mp3 player, heart rate monitor, touch screen, voice coach, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi capabilities and especially as a GPS tracker.

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