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Top Choices of Medicine Ball Exercises

medicine-ball-exercisesA medicine ball is a ball with a size of soccer ball and used in fitness exercises. You probably have seen someone throw the ball at wall or someone else, he / she then catches it, does some sit-ups and then throw it back. This medicine ball exercise called as plyometric and it is good for building physical strength.

Medicine-ball exercises are great for developing strength. Strength exercising for sport is very deferent from strength exercising from gyms or bodybuilding. These workouts provide the power that every athlete needs. And since the ball is light, it allows the plyometric to be done explosively.

And because it is round, it is harder to grasp and you need to grasp the ball tightly enough to prevent dropping it. And if you combine these workouts with other exercises such as sit-ups, press-ups, and squats you will be exhausted before the all exercises are performed. With these exercises you build muscle, strength and burn calories really fast. The other great thing is you don’t time to relax, your hand need to always grasp the ball. Here are few of medicine-ball exercises that help strengthen up your muscles.

Russian Twist

Hold the ball at waist height with your arm slightly bent then move it to the left remember  to keep it in line with the waist, try to move as far as you can do. After that do the same to the right side, and repeat it again. If this exercise is easy, you can do the exercise by standing on one foot.

Figure of Eight

This exercise is almost same with Russian twist, the first step is hold the ball at ears height, but slightly bent to the left side, and move the ball to your thigh on right side. Lift it up to ear height on the right side, and move it again to your thigh on the left side. Now you have realized why this exercise called the figure of eights. And keep in mind to keep your abdominal muscles tight.

Medicine Ball Squat

This exercise is quite easy. Standing with holding the ball, and then squat down so that your lower legs and upper legs are at ninety degrees, wait a while and slowly return to the start position. You also can make the ball close to your chest while exercising.

There are many other exercises that you can do with a medicine ball, but they are too many to be list here, but I hope these tips will useful for you so that you can build strong muscles fast.

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