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manduka yoga matManduka yoga mat (also called as Black Mat) is one of the best yoga mat. The yoga mat has an elegant design, superior non-flip fabric-like fish, unparalleled comfort and cushioning and thicker form provide you the maximum support in your practice as a cushion for your elbows, knees, hips and spine on hard floor, provide stability on soft and hard surfaces, and bring to you a yoga mat that is not sticky and not slippery, even when wet from perspiration, especially now it comes with a lifetime warranty. The Manduka black mat pro is not only chosen by yoga masters, but also every yogis of every experience level around the world.

The pattern of dots on the bottom of this yoga mat resists sliding and built for long-term use by using high quality materials that will not fade, flake and peel. The surface offers superior slip resistance when you are sweating.

Manduka black mat PRO, designed to last a lifetime by guarding against tear and wear, reduces consumption and curb the amount of mat that enter landfill each year. During the manufacturing, the yoga mat through a process that doesn’t release toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Manduka black pro mat also has a certificate safe for human contact by OEKO-TEX.

How to Clean:

You can use any non-solvent cleaner and a sponge or damp cloth, scrub the surface thoroughly and then hang to dry in the sunshine. But please remember to never put your mat in the washing machine. This will damage the mat and break your washing machine.

How to Store:

In order to keep the corner of Manduka yoga mat flat you need to roll your mat with the top side facing outwards.

Manduka Yoga Mats Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 26 by 71 by 1/4 inches.
  • Product Weight: 7 pounds.
  • Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Top features: stable on soft and hard surfaces, slip resistance and non-sticky.
  • Other features: emission-free manufacturing, OEKO-TEX certified and zero-waste in manufacturing.

Manduka Yoga Mat Review

cheap yoga matsThere are 2 sides with bumps on each side, on most mats the smaller bumps made to face downwards to grip the floor and prevent the mat form sliding and the bigger bumps made to face upwards to cushion your knees, feet and hands during practicing from slipping. The Manduka black mat pro has a unique dotted surface that keeps the mat from sliding and it maybe looks different from other mat. You also can find a brand label on the up side and you will notice that not every mat has a label on it.

If you want to use it for the first time (after bought it) then you will need to remove its coating. For the instructions, it is included with the yoga mat. After you clean the mat, you will get its stickiness increase. But if your old yoga mat is bad in stickiness, this is the sign that a light coating of body sweat and dust has accumulated on your yoga mat and you need to remove it. You can use any non-solvent soap and water, wash the surface thoroughly and then hang to dry in the sunshine.

It is recommended to buy your own yoga mat, even your gym provides them for you. One of my friends who have been worked in many of the gym told me that most of the mats in the gym are never cleaned, although in a certain place the mats are always clean. If you had your own mattress that means an additional value for you, you do not have to wait to use the mat and you can start to practice either in the gym or in your own home.

[AMAZONPRODUCTS ASIN=”B0000DZFXZ”]Designed from high quality materials, so it will not be slippery, feels comfortable when used and has been certified free of emissions.

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