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kettlebell workoutsThere are many fitness programs aimed at improving fitness level and health. One of them that you can consider is the kettlebell workouts.

Kettlebell is a cannonball-like weight with thick handle utilized in strength exercises. It was the coaching methodology from Russia. It’s great for burning fat and building lean muscles and has various brands, weight and price range as well. However unlike a dumbbell which has the handle in the middle of it, a kettlebell has a round handle attached on the top of it.

Kettlebell exercises will force you to work harder to maintain the body balance compared to exercising with dumbbells that only distributes the weight evenly to the handle so that you can burn more calories with Kettlebells than dumbbells.

The weight is portable so you can perform Kettlebell workouts in your room, in your backyard anywhere and anytime you want.  The workouts are done by performing a variety of aerobic movements while lifting the weights.

Here are some of the Kettlebell workouts that you can consider to build more muscles and burn calories:

  1. Standing with feet apart and bend hips back while you are holding a kettlebell with both your hands. Now place the kettlebell between your feet. Pause for one moment and then try to full standing up while lifting your hands up to 90 degrees. Every movement must be smooth. Repeat this movement for 12-15 times.
  2. Holding a weight each in your hands and shape them like letter V. Now try to do squat workouts while you are holding the kettlebells.
  3. Bend your knees like you are sitting. Now hold a weight in your hands while they are straightly downward as the starting position. Lift the hands up and keep maintaining your sitting position. You can also make some variations like changing the position from sitting to standing
  4. You can do sit-up while holding the weights right on the chest. Push the ball to front whiles your abs muscles contracting or moving it to your lift and right as a variation.

The Kettlebell exercises are fun however I recommended you to don’t performing any dangerous exercises like the Kettebell swing because you can be hooked and critically injured.

The another benefit of having a kettlebell is you can easily to store and moving it because it’s size is small enough and compact. You can take it almost anywhere you want like in your backyard, in a small apartment or in the trunk of your car.

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