jawbone up 24 review

Jawbone UP 24 Fitness Gadget Reviews

What is Jawbone UP 24?

Jawbone up 24 is a unique fitness gadget that looks more like a bracelet, because it don’t have a screen to display statistics of training you have done before.

The small device is designed to do the following things:

1. Track of daily activities, such as active vs. idle time, the number of calories burned, and distance reached

2. Track quality of sleep, such as number of wake ups, time to fall asleep, and total hours

3. Log what you drink and eat, get nutritional info by scanning a barcode, taking a photo or searching in the Jawbone UP’s database

Since it made to track your activities, monitor your sleep and log your calories intake, then it is a good gadget to motivate you constantly to do more and better. Eat healthier foods, drink more water, get enough sleep and do more exercises.

Jawbone UP24’s Design

jawbone up24The Jawbone UP24 is considered as one of the simplest plus most stylish fitness tracker. It used a hypoallergenic and medical-grade rubber with a swirled pattern design to encounter any skin irritation issues. This gadget only has an LED that will light up either a flower or crescent moon icon when it enters a sleep mode, and a sync button to set up a Bluetooth connection.

Without a screen, you will greatly rely on your smartphone to view your results, but on the other hand will make the battery can lasts longer almost for a week before it needs charging. The Jawbone UP24 has a headphone jack-style USB cable that you can use for charging purpose, which makes it slightly different from many current fitness tracker.

However it is only available in 3 colors – charcoal black, pink and orange, plus 3 size options – large, medium and small.

How the Jawbone UP 24 works?

jawbone up 24The Jawbone UP 24 utilizing the Tri-axis accelerometer and powerful Bluetooth Smart sync technology that allowing data exchange in real time between your jawbone and smartphone, thus eliminating the need to plug the device to a computer only to synchronize the data. The data is focused on your foods log, sleep and step counting record.

The Jawbone Up will give you some suggestions that appear in your smartphone’s screen sometime after the data collected, such as walking around while taking a phone call, a good sleep required a dark room or sleep 30 minutes earlier. Basically those are reasonable advices, although not all of them is right for you.

You also do not need to always read the advice before taking action, because there are some other interesting features that you should try, such as:

1. Today I Will

Help you to make a promise to achieve something, like drink more water or go to bed earlier.

2. Milestones

Showing your achievements over time, and then share it with friends

3. Connect your apps

The Jawbone UP system integrates with many popular fitness apps to help you get more experience. Whether you are jogging with RunKeeper, working out with Wello or biking with Strava, track it all with Jawbone UP 24 to get a complete picture about your progress.


  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Silent alarm feature
  • Very soft rubber for your comfort
  • Lightweight and stylish design
  • Wireless, real-time data syncing


  • No built-in screen for on-demand stats
  • Doesn’t have a web app
  • 2.5mm stereo jack for charging
  • Not waterproof
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