Ionized Alkaline Water Benefits for You

ionized-alkaline-waterWhat is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water, also better known as ionized water, is a beverage that has a pH level above 7. It is available through water treatment systems with ionizer features and is also sold in bottles. The beverage has many critics, but more people believe that it is a cure for several medical conditions.

Alkaline Water Benefits

Many people claim that drinking alkaline water regularly will bring many benefits in our life. Alkaline water is able to normalizing blood pH levels so it is great to prevent acidosis (an increased acidity in the blood). A high acidic diet also lead to bone loss, tooth decay, and loss of vital minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Drinks alkaline water regularly to fight these conditions. Ionized water is useful in preventing dry skin and hair.

Some other known benefits of alkaline water, include;

  1. Increasing the ability of the cells to expel waste
  2. Balancing the pH of blood
  3. Decrease the likelihood of acidosis
  4. Increased intracellular hydration
  5. Decrease the likelihood of chronic diseases
  6. Bowel movements become more regular
  7. Less throat irritation
  8. Easy respiration
  9. Clear thinking
  10. Boosting energy
  11. Prevent headaches


How to Make Alkaline Water?

There are 2 main ways to get alkaline water, first you can take it from food and drink, or via water treatment equipment, like a water ionizer.

1. Alkaline diet and water

Some foods and drinks, such as lemon water and lime juice have pH above 7, so they can be categorized as alkaline. Consume food and beverages of this kind is the best and safest way to get the benefits for your health. If you are curious, here the list of some foods that are alkaline and not.

  • Alkaline pH  
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Alkaline water promotes an increase in good emotions / activities, such as: love, joy, kindness, peace and prayer.

  • Natural pH
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  • Acidic pH  
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Acidic water promotes producing bad emotions / activities, such as: stress, jealousy, fear, anger and overwork.

2. Water ionizer

This equipment is an alternative for anyone who wants a high-quality drinking water. Generally, this equipment is attached on a faucet head. The following are two units of water ionizer that may be useful for you to use in your home.

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