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Incline Bench Press Tips & Guide

bench press workoutFor some people have a small chest and less muscular is a big problem. For fix it you will need a specific exercise. One of exercise methods for upper body muscle groups is incline bench press. The main targets are your chest and arm muscles. You must know the techniques how to perform exercises correctly. It is easy if you know the technique and you can perform it daily. Here are some tips that I want to share with you.

This trainer already used by many people in order to gain more chest, arm and other upper body muscles. It is the first workout that you should take to make a proportional chest. You can use both a dumbbells and a barbell, however I myself prefer using dumbbells than barbells when perform exercise with incline bench press.

The first set an incline bench a little of steep (approximately 45 degrees). It is a favored angle because it gives more stimulation to the right area, and you cannot gain a benefit if you perform it at lower angle.

The basic of incline bench is dumbbell lifting. You will need dumbbells as the resistances that train your upper body muscles. To start the workouts you must hold the dumbbells then put them at your shoulder height. Move both of your hands up over your head, pause the motion for a while then return to your starting position. Repeat that process for ten times at two or three sets.

Another exercise is reverse grip bench press, the exercise is similar to normal dumbbell lifting but it has some different. First make sure your palm is facing out when you are holding the dumbbell and then lift the dumbbells toward your chest. After that you can lower the dumbbells. Repeat that process for ten times at two or three sets.

Have a weak chest muscle is common, it just need get more training. Start hit form the weakest area while you have strength to perform it. If you are newbie, it is recommended to start with barbells. Make sure the safety and you are able to do workouts properly. After you have enough strength then you can start change to dumbbells or you just make some variation on your routine. Perform an incline bench press with dumbbells is more difficult because lack of stability and with a good commitment you should have a good looking chest in no time.

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